The custom ceramic candle jars come in a classic matte classic black and white, the gold leaf decoration makes the ceramic jar exquisite. We can also customize other beautiful patterns for ceramic jars. They are not only ceramic storage jars, but also beautiful living room decorations.

The custom ceramic candle jars measure 9*9*10cm. The wide-mouthed ceramic jars are specially designed for storing candles, which are durable and easy to store. The surface of the ceramic candle vessel is smooth and easy to clean, pay attention to the golden pattern to prevent scratches.

Ceramic candle jars have stable chemical properties, slow heat transfer, and are not easy to burn. Ceramics have certain resistance to acid, alkali and salt, and will not rust and age. They’re perfect for storing a variety of ingredients including preserves, jams, chutneys, sugar, tea, coffee, cookies and more.

Empty ceramic candle jars can be used as ceramic mugs, pen holders. Empty candle jars are the perfect size for toiletries: makeup brushes, cotton swabs or cotton balls, hair ties and bobby pins. They’re great for organizing home office supplies.

Custom Ceramic Candle Jars

TYZ Ceramic is a professional candle jar manufacturers USA, we offer wholesale custom ceramic candle jars in different colors and sizes. These custom ceramic jars are great containers for candle makers to give candles something special.

Custom ceramic candle jar samples need to be molded, fired, glazed and painted. If the sample is passed, after receiving the deposit, our TYZ ceramic factory will start to produce the product and deliver it to you.

We can add colorful native patterns on ceramic jars. Custom ceramic candle jars are wonderful gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or wedding gifts.

Our ceramic product packaging can be customized according to your various needs. We will confirm the shape, size, color and quotation of the product according to your requirements. If you already have a product design drawing, you can contact us by email, we will reply you as soon as we receive your email.