TYZ Ceramic supplies ceramic candle jars wholesale. Our marble candle jars come in a variety of colors: pink, green, blue and grey marble. Marble has magical qualities that bring a touch of luxury to any room in your home or office.

This ceramic candle jar has a sophisticated look and is meticulously crafted from professional quality ceramics. The new marble ceramic jars are the easiest way to decorate candles. Ceramic candle jars feature a simple and attractive design. The cylindrical design is the simplest candle shape, while the marble look remains highly attractive in any setting.

Ceramic candle jars wholesale feature an elegant floating ink design with a soft-touch matte finish. Colorful “floating ink” patterns provide a clean, modern aesthetic. Handmade high-quality ceramic jars adopt unique color design, they are better insulated and safer to use.

Marble Ceramic Candle Jars Wholesale

TYZ Ceramic manufactures and wholesales various shapes of ceramic jars and lids for holding candles. This marble ceramic jar can be used in many ways, as a cosmetic mug, vase, pen holder, candle holder, ceramic jar to store spices, salt, garlic, sugar, etc.

Our marble ceramic candle jars come with golden lids that fit a variety of home styles and are great decorations. The lid of the marble ceramic jar keeps the candle dry and prevents dust from getting in.

Compared with ordinary glass jars, the candle ceramic jars will not break even if the candle burns to the end. Because ceramics do not expand much when heated at high temperatures. The marble ceramic candle jars with metal lids prevent scented candles from evaporating. When not in use, the lid can prevent air from entering and stop the candle from burning.