Ceramic Tealight Holder is made of white glazed ceramics, fired at high temperatures. Each hole is meticulously hand-carved.

Ceramic candle holders are not only essential oil diffusers but also candle wax warmers. Just put a spoonful of water and a few drops of scented oil or wax in a bowl and light a small candle underneath.

Ceramic Tealight Holder Usage

Ceramic candle holders are made of glazed ceramic, and feature a cutout design to add artistic appeal to your interior spaces. Ceramic tealight holders are perfect for home, desk, living room, and bedroom decoration.

Essential Oil Burner

Just put a few drops of essential oil in a bowl and light a small candle. Candle trays increase the burn time of essential oils.

The essential oil burner features a beautiful openwork star and floral pattern. The hollow design allows candlelight to pass through. When glowing, the essential oil burner looks like many twinkling stars and swaying flowers.