The global blood plasma thawing devices market size was valued at USD 215.0 million in 2021 and is poised to grow at a significant CAGR of 11.4% during the forecast period 2022-28. The process of allowing frozen plasma to stand at a temperature above 0 degrees Celsius is known as plasma thawing. For future infusion into a patient, a plasma thawing machine is used to thaw frozen blood plasma units or frozen plasma within 24 hours following phlebotomy (PF24). The plasma unit is kept dry by the plasma thawing system. It also includes a water bath and a specific container that holds a thin plastic bag containing the plasma unit. The holder keeps a plasma unit bag submerged in the fluid bath in such a way that the plasma unit and the fluid bath have extensive thermal contact. To improve thawing efficiency, the fluid is controlled to create a kneading effect on the bag's external surface.

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The global blood plasma thawing devices market segmentation:
1) By Type: Manual and Automated
2) By Application: Blood Banks & Transfusion Centers, Hospitals & Diagnostic Laboratories, Cord Blood & Stem Cell Banks, Research & Academic Institutes, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Companies, and  Tissue Banks.

The rising prevalence of chronic diseases, growing demands for blood and plasma products, new product launches and partnerships, and technological improvements to ease and simplify thawing processes are all driving revenue growth in the global thawing system market. Other factors projected to positively impact market revenue growth over the forecast period include government programmes to improve plasma donation awareness, an increase in the number of embryo donors, and increased understanding about third-party reproduction. A number of unfavourable aspects are hampering the worldwide Blood Plasma Thawing Devices market's expansion. One of the primary factors limiting market growth could be rising automation costs, which are linked to technological advancement. Furthermore, factors such as high degrees of consolidation and a complicated regulatory framework for new product approval are likely to stifle market expansion over the projection period.

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The market for plasma thawing systems in North America is dominated by the United States. Europe accounted for a sizable portion of the market. In North America and Europe, the developed health-care infrastructure, high rate of technology adoption, and high paying capacity of patients are likely to generate profitable prospects for new market entrants. The market in Asia Pacific is likely to be propelled by significant growth in the biomedical industry in India and China, as well as investments by global firms in Asia Pacific to build sales subsidiaries to provide services and support to clients and attract new customers.

The global blood plasma thawing devices market key players are Helmer Scientific (U.S) Boekel Scientific (U.S.) Sarstedt (Germany) Barkey (Germany) BioCision (U.S.) Cardinal Health (U.S.) GE Healthcare (U.S.) CytoTherm (U.S.)

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