As we take a small breather between the stories shared. Which, we have two more stories in the pocket that'll be published during this month. I wanted to share some of my thoughts after now being a few episodes in, and also talk about one of the big motivations for this Podcast. There's been people in my life as I'm sure there's been people in your life that have been a light of hope, and reason of truth, for you wanting to be and do better. Sometimes, we can neglect and take these people for granted. But their influence remains, if even at a subconscious level. It's still there!

My Wife is the one. She's my GIANT. She's my ray of light, hope, life, and strength. She's all of that and then some. She's had her fight from early on, and it's much too much to name here. But, she's still smiling, pushing, kicking and LIVING. My prime example of making the best of any condition, and doing what you can with what you have control of in order to better your situation.

To everyone who's been involved in the Show so far, THANK YOU for your openness, your time, your words, and your courage to want to share something so personal and intimate about yourself. There's power in your testimony, and I know that there's people all over who can and will benefit from it. None of this is in vain. I've enjoyed the connections made so far, and look forward to what's in store. To everyone listening, "WELCOME", let's enjoy this ride together.