Grab information on Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

Frontier Airlines fall under one of the oldest and major airlines in the United States. This airline cover domestic as well as international routes. When you have purchased the flight ticket from the airline and for proper planning, if you want to know about the baggage policy. Then carry on readings to the subheadings because you can get the proper information about this.

Know about the Frontier Airlines baggage policy

When you have to pack your bags after getting on the flight ticket from Frontier Airlines. Then comply with the Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy and the details on that as follows:-

Carry on baggage

The bags that are allowed by the airline for carrying in the cabin are as follows:-
You get to carry one carry-on baggage and the personal item without paying any additional cost.
The dimension of the baggage has to be 45 linear inches, and the weight of that could be between 10kg.
The dimension included the handles as well as the wheels of the baggage. And the baggage has to fit under the overhead bin or the front seats.

Checked baggage

Apart from the carry-on baggage, you can get more bags on the flight, and the details about that are as follows:-

 You can carry up to two checked baggage, but for that, you get to pay for it. For the first baggage, the cost is around $30, and for the second $40.

The dimension of the baggage has to be between 62 linear inches, and the weight of each baggage is 23kg.
But the Frontier Skymiles and American Express card members get to carry without any charges.
The cost of this baggage fluctuates as per the flight routes and the fare types. 

Military personal checked baggage

If you are a military person, then the terms and conditions are different, and the details for Frontier Airlines Carry on Baggage allowance are as follows:-

They are also allowed to take one carry-on baggage with personal items, which is the same as per the normal policies.

But they get to carry the three checked baggage of dimension of 80 linear inches, and the weight of that could be 23, 32, and 45 for the third. They didn't get to make the payment for any of these.

If they have an order, they get to carry up to five pieces of baggage, and the weight of the baggage is 100kg.

Overweight and oversize baggage

If you have to carry more items than the allowed baggage, you can do that by paying up the additional fees. And the cost for that is as follows:-

In order to carry the third baggage, you may get to pay $150.

And for the 4 to 10 bags, you may be charged $200 for each baggage.

For the weight of luggage 23 to 32, the charges could be $100; for the weight of 32kg to 46kg, you could be charged $200.

The luggage dimension is between 62 to 80 linear inches, could have to pay $200. And the dimension over that could not be accepted.

Furthermore, by reading here, you can have the information about the baggage policy, and if there is any doubt, then get to Frontier Customer Service through any of the available modes

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