Oftentimes, we need to use different programs on different devices and the same could happen with your Venmo account. Well, if you have purchased a new device and you wish to access your old accounts including Venmo, then you might come across a question- whether or not I can perform Venmo login on a new device or not?

Well, the short answer to this question is yes, you can definitely access your Venmo account on any compatible device of your choice. So, if you think you are ready to do that, you can refer to the guidelines that I am going to furnish in the section to follow to complete the process. However, this would be only possible if you have access to your previous device and the phone number through which you registered your account.

Although, if you do not have access to the device, then also the platform would let you sign in. But, it is mandatory that you have your registered phone number with you.

How to log in to Venmo on a new device?

Believe me or not, the steps to do so are extremely simple and would take up only a few minutes. So, follow me through the steps explained below and you'll be done:

  1. On your new device, install the Venmo mobile app
  2. After this, you can select the option for Venmo login
  3. Next up, enter the phone number that you have registered with the platform
  4. On your registered number, Venmo will now send you a code
  5. Now, use the same Venmo login code and enter it in the asked field
  6. If you had enabled 2FA, then you need to feed the authentication code as well
  7. After completing this process on your new device, you'll be logged in

Meanwhile, if you have not enabled 2FA previously, then you should do this on your new device at the earliest. For the same purpose, you need to follow the steps described in the section to follow.

Steps to enable 2FA for Venmo login

In case you do not wish to hamper the security of your Venmo account and you do not wish to lose your funds, then you can follow the steps that I am going to explain below. And you know, enabling 2FA is one of the best things you can do after setting a strong Venmo login passcode:

  1. First of all, open the Venmo mobile application
  2. Sign into your Venmo account on your new device
  3. After this, select the three lines present in the upper-right corner
  4. Followed by this, you can choose the option to enable 2FA
  5. Enter the details that are requested of you
  6. And, the process would complete in a few minutes


As it is evident from the article above, it is possible that you can access your Venmo account on any of your preferred devices. Whether you have purchased a new device or want to access your account through its website, everything can be achieved by following a few easy steps. But, this would be only possible on one condition i.e. you should have access to your registered phone number because you'll receive a Venmo Sign in code on your phone number.