Customized Vitamin C8H14MgO10 CAS NO#: 778571-57-6 Specification Test itemsIn-house Standard DescriptionWhite or almost white powder IdentificationPositive pH5.8锝?.0 Loss on drying鈮?.0% Lead鈮?.5ppm Arsenic鈮?ppm Mercury鈮?.5ppm Assay98.0%~102.0% Aerobic Plate Count鈮?000CFU/g Yeast&moulds鈮?00 CFU/g SalmonellaNegative E. coli (MPN/g)Negative Application锛?/strong> It is used for food and nutrition additives, sports health care and physical enhancement. Certificate Package Paper bucketsCartonsPlywood Pallets Plastic palletsGoods to be shipped Quality control Transportation Global partnership of Jiahe BiotechCustomized Vitamin website: