Leng Yunzhuo stared at her, somewhat surprised that she had refused her reward. Think about it and tell me when you're ready. Then he lowered his head and continued to bury his head in a lot of official business. Snow Ling sighed, this person is forcing her to reward, or have their own good-looking. So, the next day, Xue Ling handed the eldest young master a piece of paper with only two words on it: Go out. Leng Yunzhuo raised his head, "is the reward you want to go out?" Snow Ling nodded heavily, come here for so long, really want to see what this time and space is like, just a crowded place. Is there a place with beautiful scenery and few people? Xue Ling bent over and wrote. He smiled and said, "Yes, I'll have someone take you there.". Mo, you prepare the carriage and go to the suburbs with her. A man appeared from the shadow of the study, dressed in black, with a sword at his waist. Sword eyebrows and star eyes, cold and cold, cold and handsome face, without a trace of expression. Standing alone in the study, it is imposing and cold as frost. This man did not seem to be an ordinary bodyguard, Xue Ling thought, pointed to the man, and waved his hand to Leng Yunzhuo. "Mo takes one as ten. Lesser Snow doesn't like many people to follow. He's the only one who accompanies you. I'm more relieved." Leng Yunzhuo said with a gentle smile at the corners of his mouth. Ink seems to have a complaint, he lightly swept, ink hurriedly bowed his head and said nothing. In this way, the strange combination of Xue Ling and Mo got into the carriage and set off for the suburbs. Seeing Mo sitting in front of the carriage when he got off, Xue Ling sighed. This man knew at a glance that he was highly skilled in martial arts and had extraordinary skills,plastic packaging tube, but now he was wronged to be the driver of such a little servant girl. It was really a waste of natural resources. Under the shade of a tree, a large piece of cloth was laid, a basket of food prepared in advance was carried down from the car, and the simple picnic was completed. Xue Ling waved her hand several times and gestured several times, but Mo still stood aside coldly, unwilling to sit down or have a picnic with her. Helplessly, Xue Ling had to give up, open the basket and enjoy the delicious food alone. Soon, the foot of the frequent vibration, a pair of people and horses from far to near in a hurry. A man with a beard all over his face ran fast ahead,cosmetic plastic tube, followed by nearly twenty guard-like men. The man in front glanced at Xueling at random, slightly stunned, pulled the reins, stopped in a hurry, turned over and dismounted, and walked quickly to Xueling. Ink figure a move, block in front of Xue Ling. The man stood a few steps in front of Xue Ling, muttering to himself. Like, so much like. "" Seeing Mo's unhappy eyes, he seemed to know his abruptness and raised his hands and folded his fists and asked. I'm in Xiannangong. May I ask the girl's name? Xue Ling looked at him with bright eyes, not like a big evil man, smiled, pointed to his neck, and waved his hand. Nangong looked at her apologetically. "The girl looks very similar to the next old friend. Do you dare to ask if the girl is a native of Chen?" Seeing that Xue Ling hesitated for a moment and nodded, Nangong Su was still staring at her. He turned sideways to block his view without any trace of ink, and a deep and indifferent voice sounded. Is it proper for General Liguo to stay in Chenguo for such a long time? Nangong Su narrowed his eyes and looked coldly at the ink. For a long time, he took a deep look at Xue Ling and left. After he left, Mo's face was very unhappy. A similar incident happened in Xueling, eye cream packaging tube ,custom cosmetic packing, carrying a basket and walking into the depths of a nearby forest. No, there was an orange tree in the forest. The snow-white oranges are blooming, and the air is filled with the fragrance of orange blossoms, which is refreshing. Xue Ling opened her arms and took a deep breath, filling her mouth and nose with the faint fragrance of oranges. Recall that Nangongsu just now, the look of surprise, the look of scrutiny. His beard covered his face, but his eyes were bright and his noble spirit could not be concealed. Mo Gang called him the general of Lieguo, and his tone seemed to be that Chen Guo and Lieguo were not in harmony. Thinking about it, Xue Ling was sleepy, and when she was full, she began to be sleepy. Finally, she could not resist the sleepiness, and she gradually fell asleep against an orange tree. I don't know how long I slept, but when I woke up and found that it was dark all around, Xue Ling got up hurriedly. Catch a glimpse of the side of the ink, he has been standing, guarding her side. He smiled at him apologetically, turned a blind eye to it, opened the door, waited for Xue Ling to get on the bus, closed the door, jumped on the front of the bus, and walked away. Chapter 13 It's night, the study. Did you say that Nangong Su, the general of Liguo, could not hide his surprise when he saw Lesser Snow? Leng Yunzhuo clasped the table lightly and asked. "On the way back, he sent someone to follow us." Mo stood at the table and said coldly. Oh Leng Yunzhuo raised his eyebrows slightly and hung his head for a moment. "Mo, from tomorrow, you will follow her in the dark." Mo silently looked at him, "I am not your subordinate, and I have no obligation to obey you." Leng Yunzhuo smiled indifferently and looked up at the ink. What if that's what he means. As soon as Mo's expression changed, he pursed his lips and glanced at Leng Yunzhuo with displeasure. The man is going to leave the customs, you. See Leng Yunzhuo's expression as usual, with a smile on his lips. Ink does not speak, the figure moves, only Leng Yunzhuo alone in the study, secretly meditating. Yes "Did you have fun yesterday?" When Xue Ling walked into the study early in the morning, Leng Yunzhuo smiled and asked. Xue Ling thought of the delicious picnic, the fragrant orange grove, and the sweet afternoon nap, and nodded with a smile. Young master, your lordship left the customs this morning and told everyone to meet in the hall. Said the housekeeper respectfully, standing outside the study door. I see Leng Yunzhuo got up, "Lesser Snow, you go to the hall with me." Without waiting for Xue Ling to answer, he had already stepped away, and Xue Ling had to follow quickly. Stepping into the hall, the atmosphere is solemn. There was a curtain on the side, and a few women were seen sitting in the inner room. Female dependents, whether married or not, are not allowed to walk in front of people at will. The translucent curtain shows the difference between men and women. The upper seat in the hall was empty, and Leng Yunzhuo lightly swept to the upper seat and took a seat in the first seat. Xue Ling stood cleverly behind him, lowering her head and eyes. Soon, a man walked in from the outer room. About forty, and Leng Yunzhuo four, five points similar to the face, light fine lines in the corner of the eyes,polyfoil tube, eyes bright, not angry but powerful. Without a smile on his knife-like face, he pursed his lips and walked slowly to the upper seat. emptycosmetictubes.com