Bulk Vacuum Bagging Materials 聽 DESCRIPTION 聽 High Gain Vacuum Bagging Film Series, BF204 is made of nylon. It can be used under high temperature, the maximum used temperature at 204oC with high elongation which is suitable for auto-clave production. 聽聽 SPECIALATY 聽 High elongation at break Great tensile strength Flexible and even in thickness High temperature tolerance Suitable for autoclave TECHNICAL DATA OF Vacuum Bagging Film for Composites 聽 Material typeNylon Elongation at break400 % Tensile strength8000 psi (55 MPa) Maximum use temperature204掳C Melting point215掳C FlammabilitySelf extinguishing Materials to avoidStrong oxidize / Phenolic acid ColorGreen Shelf life18 months when stored in original packaging at 22掳C 聽 THICKNESS(um): 50/ 75/ 125 FORMS: sheeting, centre fold *may be customized and please contact us for more information 聽 APPLICATIONS: 聽 Automobile industry Railway and transportation Ships and yachts Sports equipment and accessories 聽聽 NOTES 聽 The maximum use temperature is dependent upon the duration at maximum temperature and is process specific, HG recommends testing prior to use. Other specifications for customisation can be made to meet your requirement and yet minimum order may be needed. 聽Bulk Vacuum Bagging Materials website:http://www.hgcomposites.com/vacuum-bagging-materials/