Rechargeable Chain Saw manufacturers Hand electric chain saw made in China, cheap electric chain saw manufacturers, chain saw in stock, the hand chain saw is a Woodworking Garden Logging wireless Tool, powered by lithium battery only! It can use different batteries as the power supply. We provide OEM/ODM services, the battery is with CE/ SGS/ TUV/ MSDS certificates, different rechargers can fit all different AC power voltage. Product Introduction The hand chain saw has automatic refueling function, with protective cover. Ergonomic handle which is very convenient and safer for carrying, safety of sawing, effectively improve the efficiency of your work, the chain interval with the counter-attack shrapnel, guide oil hole, make to use more safe, the saw chains has been hardening, tempered and annealed. It is durable than normal saw chains. FAQ Q: What sizes of chainsaw you provide? A: We provide chainsaw of 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 16" Q: Are all these chainsaws lithium battery power? A: Yes, they are all lithium-ion powered, we currently only supply lithium power tools ONLY.Rechargeable Chain Saw manufacturers website: