Low Iron Ultra Clear Bent Shape U Profile Glass suppliers Company Profile Development of the Company The organization chart Company Profile Yongyu Glass is a professional U glass and traditional architectural glass supplier from China. Yongyu Glass was founded by Gavin Pan, who has worked in the architectural glass industry since 2006 and has more than fifteen years' North American and E.U. market export experience. The company was established with a wish to integrate the advantage resources of building the region's glass industry and provide personalized solutions to the needs of our customers. We find personalized solutions for the customers' demands and help customers save time and money. 馃挕 WHAT WE DEAL WITH: 鈽?High-performance low iron U glass systems (U glass, also called U channel glass/U profile glass/C-glass) 鈽?Ice rink glass system (1/2", 5/8" tempered glass, laminated glass) 鈽?Jumbo safety glass (Jumbo tempered glass, Jumbo tempered laminated glass, Jumbo IGU) 鈽?Curved safety glass (Curved tempered glass, Curved tempered laminated glass, Jumbo curved safety glass max 12.5 meters tall) 鈽?SGP laminated glass 馃挕 HOW CAN WE HELP: 鈽?Engaged in the architectural glass industry and served customers both home and abroad for more than 15 years. 鈽?Help glass facades companies and architectural designers find personalized solutions and help them save time and money. 鈽?Manufacture and provide high-quality products and thoughtful after-sales service We are SGCC approved supplier; our products are meet the primary standards of building glass products. Convenient communication, the whole production process can be traced back, 7*24h after-sale service is our promise. 馃挕 WHAT WE DO: Consolidate superior resources to provide personalized solutions for you. 馃挕 WHAT WE CARE ABOUT: Quality conquers the world, service achievements in the future 馃挕 OUR MISSION: Work together to achieve a win-win, create a transparent vision! Development of the Company LABER is based on U-profile glass, concentrates on safety U-profile glass, creates a new U-profile glass photovoltaic power generation system, and gradually develops into a comprehensive company with new technology, new materials, and new applications as the core. We adhere to the people-oriented business philosophy; our ongoing pursuits are excellent product quality and perfect technical services. LABER has an experienced sales team and professional team of engineers, from design and consulting to installation and after-sales, to provide you with a full range of personalized solutions. Over the years, with innovative ideas, first-class products, and a perfect service system, LABER has been recognized by owners, design institutions, and engineering companies. LABER cooperating with JANGHO Group, YASGA Zhejiang, CSCEC, BUCG, and other curtain wall companies, completed several influential domestic projects: Peking University New Media Industrial Park, Vanke Qingdao, Vanke Fuzhou, Vanke Xuzhou, CITIC Kangheng, Hunan Provincial Architectural Design Research Institute, Li Zijian Art Museum, Wuhan Garden Expo Park, Poly Real Estate, Country Garden Real Estate, etc. In 2009 LABER Share (China) Limited and Qilu University of Technology (formerly Shandong Institute of Light Industry) jointly conducted technical cooperation in 2009 to develop a U-profile glass production line. It first established a test line in Dezhou City, Shandong Province. After more than three years of hard work, a series of technological innovations solved the problem of glass forming technology and finally completed the development of the entire project. In January 2012 The project was technically transformed and expanded production capacity in Chongde Second Avenue, Dezhou Economic, and Technology Development Zone. Using Siemens technology and the Danfoss control system, the U-profile glass production line independently developed was established in China. The same year, LABER completed the U-profile acid etched glass process design and the production line installation. It is the first acid etched U-profile glass product line in China. In 2014 R&D of tempered U-profile glass was carried out. The safety of U-profile glass has always been a concern of our customers. To solve this problem, LABER carried out experiments on central domestic tempering furnaces to obtain relevant data and customized a 9-meter eddy current tempering furnace according to actual conditions, completely solving the critical heating and cooling problems. The horizontal deformation and side deformation are under 0.05 鈥? The manufacturing yield is 96%. And the batch production of tempered U-profile glass up to 8 meters is realized. In 2015 The first low Iron U-profile glass production line was established in Zhengtai Science and Technology Pioneer Park in Chiping, Shandong. The LABER U-profile glass has a light transmittance of over 90% through various tests. LABER is one of the leading manufacturers specializing in producing low iron U-profile glass domestically. According to market demand, the company has developed a painted U-profile glass, which makes the U-profile glass colorful. In the same year, LABER developed and produced wired U-profile glass to meet the needs of foreign markets. In 2017 LABER and U Solar New Energy Co., Ltd. researched and developed the U-profile glass photovoltaic power generation system, making it one of the standard components of green building. LABER U-profile glass photovoltaic power generation system has been used in the Poverty Alleviation Project of Photovoltaic Power Generation in Guizhou and LAFAYETTE148 NEW YORK Shantou company. LABER U-profile glass photovoltaic power generation system makes buildings more energy saving. In 2018 LABER started researching and developing laminated U-profile glass for high-rise buildings, which use EVA interlayer to make the quality of U-profile glass much safer and more stabler. In 2019 LABER cooperated with Qinhuangdao Yongyu Glass Products Co., Ltd. to develop the international market. Through joint efforts of both sides, the LABER U-profile glass has been tested by Intertek Laboratories in the United States and TUV Laboratory in the Netherlands. LABER U-profile glass meets the requirements of the United States, Canada, and EU markets. LABER U-profile glass has passed the SGCC & CE certificates. In 2021 LABER conducted research, development, and production of photoelectric U-shaped glass. And in several projects, such as the Hunan Art center application. LABER launched solar photovoltaic glass, wall display, and wall power generation combined as one product, reducing building energy consumption and increasing building lighting. LABER is based on u-shaped building glass, focuses on safety u-shaped glass, creating new energy BIPV - u-shaped glass power generation system, gradually developed into new technology, new materials, and new applications as the core of the integrated company. The company adheres to a people-oriented business philosophy; our unremitting pursuit is excellent product quality and perfect technical service. The company has experienced sales and professional engineer teams, from design consulting to installation and after-sales, to provide you with a full range of personalized solutions. The organization chartLow Iron Ultra Clear Bent Shape U Profile Glass suppliers website:http://www.uglass.online/ website2:http://www.uprofileglass.net/