The Reference citation is the evidence required to validate the paper for academic research guides for reference citation. It provides credible references for the claims, facilitates the reader’s access to those references, and admits that the information utilized in a paper did not come from the author. The citation style determines the information required for a citation Pandey et al. (2020), its arrangement, punctuation, and other formatting. 

Vancouver Referencing 

Vancouver is a numbered referencing style frequently used in science and medicine. It entails Textual references to other people’s work denoted by a number. For example, a reference list after the document is numbered in order and includes comprehensive information about each in-text citation. 

Step for Vancouver Style Formatting 

Each number in the reference list should correspond to a number in the text and be listed numerically. The list ought to come at the end of your writing. For example, books, journal articles in print or online, etc., must all be written in a specific format (Stringer, 2020). 

Two formats are used to show references: 

  • At the end of the essay, include a reference list or bibliography and citations inside the text. 
  • Citation-sequence, citation-name, and name-year are the three most common in-text reference formats (Charing, 2022). 

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