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Certified Professional Life Coach in Virginia

Coping strategies for overcoming negative self-talk

Today I wanted to share a little bit about how to be kinder to yourself, an incredibly important skill that is not always easy to achieve. When you become accustomed to negative self-talk you must treat it like a habit to overcome it. What I mean by this is you have to first acknowledge that what you are doing is damaging and be more aware of when and why you say negative things to yourself. When you catch yourself criticizing yourself, pause and notice what is triggering such a response. Whether it has something to do with your appearance or because you made a mistake it’s important to understand what the cause is without judgment. This is part of the process of learning to respect yourself. Next, reflect. Write your thoughts down in a journal if it helps you identify these feelings. Now you can reframe your thoughts from a more informed and understanding perspective. Don’t say something to yourself that you would not say to someone else. Instead, focus on your positive qualities and strengths rather than your shortcomings. In other words, combat your negative thoughts with positivity. 

You are not expected to break a bad habit overnight. What’s more important is that you make a commitment to treat yourself better and remain patient with your progress. I hope this piece offers you some guidance and as always please feel free to reach out with any questions. 

How to develop self-acceptance

A client recently asked me what self-acceptance is and why it is important. To put it simply, self-acceptance is the act of accepting your traits the way they are without the urge to change them. Self-acceptance impacts your emotional well-being and capacity to feel comfortable and happy in your own skin. So how can you practice becoming more accepting of yourself? 

  • Write down what makes you unique. If you become stumped, make it fun for yourself and ask your loved ones what they think. This will help you generate ideas that will ultimately help you identify the qualities that you love about yourself. 
  • Be kind to yourself. Think about how you speak to the people you love and turn that dialogue to yourself. Replace negative self-thoughts with feelings of acceptance and love. 
  • Reflect on your weaknesses in a nonjudgmental way. While it’s important to focus on your strengths you have to accept all qualities of yourself to fully develop self-acceptance. So, ask yourself what you wish to improve on, and take it from there. 

I hope these few tips will help you on your journey of self-acceptance and happiness. 

The benefit of setting smart goals for building confidence

As we move into the new year it can be easy to fall into the trap of setting broad goals that we often let go of a few months later. To prevent this, I recommend you set SMART Goals that stand for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Working towards specific, measurable goals provides direction and creates clear objectives. A clear plan of what you can do each day to make progress, it forces you to act. Once you see daily gains and improvements you stay motivated, which generates progress. Achieving SMART Goals is rewarding and helps build confidence. Any time you push yourself out of your comfort zone where you accomplish something new without becoming disheartened can greatly boost your

confidence and outlook on the next big goal. All in all, as you are setting your new year's resolutions, focus on how you can mold them to be as specific as possible.

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