NFT niche witnessed a blooming phase in 2021 and continuously flourished from thereon. There are many business opportunities in the NFT space, like the NFT marketplace, thanks to the evolution of technology.

The estimated revenue of Rarible (a popular NFT marketplace) is an astonishing $20.7 million.

This reveals that launching an NFT marketplace is one of the best NFT business ideas that could amplify your investment.

An NFT marketplace is an online platform where artists sell their tokenized art, and collectors or buyers can buy their preferred NFTs in a decentralized environment.

An NFT marketplace is created and launched using NFT marketplace scripts. For instance, an NFT marketplace like Rarible can be launched using the Rarible clone script.

A Rarible clone script is an NFT marketplace script that can be easily customized and launched. The Rarible clone comes with the essential features of the NFT marketplace that is highly beneficial to both the user and admin.

For instance, the user can view NFTs on different NFT platforms with the Aggregated view, and the admin can generate profit from various revenue-generating sources.

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