There are not a few but millions of users that use PayPal for sending and receiving money. However, we cannot deny the fact that no online platform is free from technical glitches which simply hints towards the fact that PayPal is also one of them. Sometimes, you may face hurdles with PayPal login and sometimes while making transactions. 

Hence, today, we have taken up one query of the users which is very famous among them viz. the non-acceptance of the PayPal login password despite feeding the correct one. Yes, at times, you might enter the correct password but still, it might not get accepted despite several attempts. 

Well, there can be different reasons for the same and some of the reasons are still not known. However, we definitely know some of the possible reasons behind the occurrence of this problem. So, we shall definitely discuss these reasons in the sections to follow. 

Reasons why your password is not working 

  • Based on the research, I found out that the password you are using is an old one. You might have changed or reset your password but still trying to log in with the older one
  • Most of the time, when there is an issue with the PayPal application or the device on which you are running it, then you'll surely come across this problem
  • In addition to that, if you are using PayPal through your desktop via a web browser, then the problem could be due to long-stored cookies and cache files
  • At times, we ignore minor factors such as slow internet speed, fake lookalike websites, and so on. But, these factors also lead to PayPal login problems

Ways to regain account access 

  • If you have not tried anything as of yet, the first thing that you need to do is start with the basics i.e. checking the speed and connectivity of the internet connection on your device
  • Apart from that, the next best thing that you can try doing is resetting your PayPal login password and try to sign in with the new one
  • By installing the latest PayPal app update on your device or by clearing off browser cache and cookies on a regular basis, you can definitely get rid of this as well as similar issues
  • While trying to access your account, make sure that you only use the official app or the official website because the internet is swamped with a lot of lookalike PayPal which might only steal your PayPal login credentials

To Sum Up: 

After trying all the troubleshooting ways that I have enlisted here, you will surely be able to sign in and access your PayPal account once. If your PayPal login password is still not being accepted even after trying out all the remedies, then you must check the downtime status of the platform. If the platform is down for the time being, then you need to wait for a couple of hours or minutes to start using the platform again.