Hybrid Attenuator manufacturers Optical fiber attenuator is a passive device used to reduce the signal power of a fiber network link.This metal-ion doped method of attenuation allows for higher performance than fiber splice or fiber offsets, which function by misdirecting rather than absorbing the light signal. Hybrid fiber attenuator (Hybrid Male to Female fixed attenuator) can convert between different connector types and attenuating fixed attenuation levels.These hybrid attenuators with male-female configuration are ideal for connecting fiber patches with different connector types. Because both a connector plug (male) and an adapter socket (female) are selected,this hybrid attenuator fits in various circumstances, offering flexibility and reducing the size, weight and complexity of the cabling system. Arkoptics fixed hybrid optical attenuators are comprised of a polymer/metal outer body and inner assembly fitted with a precision alignment mechanism.The combination of a ceramic alignment sleeves and precision moulded polymer housing provides consistent long-term mechanical and optical performance. Arkoptics manufacture fixed hybrid attenuators with low insertion loss and high return loss. SC Male to FC Female hybrid attenuator Other hybrid attenuator optional: FC Male to LC Female hybrid attenuator FC Male to SC Female hybrid attenuator LC Male to FC Female hybrid attenuator LC Male to SC Female hybrid attenuator SC Male to LC Female hybrid attenuator Features • CorActive attenuating fiber, metal-ion doped method • Variable hybrid attenuator types available • 0dB to 30dB attenuation value • Max 1W optical input power • Hybrid attenuators male to female type • Low PDL & insertion loss • Attenuation accuracy: 0-4dB +/-0.5, 5-30dB +/-10% Technical Specification Parameter Values Operating bandwidth(nm)1260-1620nm Operating wavelength(nm)SM 1310nm and 1550nm or MM 850nm Available range of attenuation0dB to 30dB with 1dB increments Attenuators(0dB – 4dB)+/-0.75 Attenuators(5dB – 30dB)+/-10% attenuation Reflection(UPC/APC)50dB / 60dB Polarization Dependent Loss≤0.2dB Max Optical Input Power1W ComplianceBellcore GR-910-CORE Operating temperature-40 /℃ to +75/℃ Storage temperature-40 /℃ to +85/℃Hybrid Attenuator manufacturers website:http://www.arkoptics.com/fiber-optic-attenuator/hybrid-attenuator/