The time when printing a document or an image required a computer and a printer is long past. If you know How To Connect A Canon Printer To Ipad, you may effortlessly print documents on the move today using your smartphone's Wi-Fi and Canon printers.

With an Android phone, printing projects containing images, emails, documents, and other stuff are becoming more and more popular. However utilising the Canon mobile printing software can be challenging if you don't know how to connect a Canon printer to your phone. Let's examine how to Connect Canon Printer to iPad Wirelessly to print photographs and documents from your smartphone.

How to Connect an iPad to a Canon Printer

A mobile device can be connected to a Canon printer in one of two ways:

  • Wi-Fi connection with the Canon print app
  • establishing a direct peer-to-peer connection (P2P)

Connect a Canon Printer to a Phone Wirelessly

To set up a Canon printer on your Android or iOS device, follow these steps:

  • Download the Canon printing app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store for Android.
  • Install it and make sure the printer is turned on and plugged into a power source.
  • Inspect the printer's Wi-Fi signal (a blue light), making sure the Online light is on and the light flashes quickly.
  • Open the Canon print application
  • On the main panel, select Add Printer.
  • Choose Register Printer > Setup Printer.
  • Choose "Connection by Wireless Router" by tapping it.
  • Choose the wireless network name or access point that you want to utilise.
  • Provide the wireless network's password and click "OK"
  • Choose "OK" when prompted to confirm that the printer has been discovered after the network settings have been transmitted to the Canon printer. Next, choose the printer's name to connect your device to the printer.
  • After that, click OK to confirm, then select Print to send a test print.

How to Use a P2P Connection to Connect a Canon Printer to a Phone

  • Click the direct connection link on the Mobile Portal.
  • Scan the QD code using the app's scanner, then adhere to the directions.
  • Connect your Android phone to the printer via Bluetooth.
  • As an alternative, you can use Near Field Communication to touch your smartphone or tablet to the Canon printer (NFC)
  • Further phone accessories are required for this procedure.

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