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I believe there ought to RuneScape gold be a woodcutting miniature game because there are a great deal of wcers on the market and they need a wc mini game. Just like there'll be two teams one is zammy the other is sara and every1 will run out and woodcut each of the logs that they can and run down them and then do it . Both groups will have one playing area there'll be... 10 mage trees, 20 yew trees, 30 willow trees, each mage log will be worth 5 points, each yew log will be worth 3 points, eac willow shrub will be worth 1 point.

There can be a woodcutting shop like a axe shop and they will continue to rune axes. And there'll be monsters. The monsters will attack individuals and if they die they will not eliminate anything except for there timber and they'll be brought back to where you fall off the timber.

The rewords will probably be if you win then you will get tickets and that you will find ouit is that you devoid all the point that yr team obtained by 2 and thats how many tickets you get... If you get like 1k of tickets you can get exp in woodcutting such as 50k, 500 tickets can get you 25k ex and 250 will allow you to enjoy 13k exp. Please put a connection within yr sig to come and support this and thxvm for reading.

Just what is a safety scroll? It is a clue scroll, but based on security. You can get one from a Security Guard or by the critters in the S.O.S. Security Scrolls. As mentioned previously the Security Scroll is a hint scroll, but it will have security based questions. You will receive rewards such as clues, but they won't be as great as greater level signs.

Here is some example of Questions. Thinking in a space were parties are sure to occur is a fantastic way of getting another hint! Maybe when I dancing at the cooking guild whilst sporting a brown apron, I will get another clue. The oracle is telling me to salute someone close to him. Karamja volacanoe! The sexy ladies make me jump for joy, Especially when I am wearing leather boots! I am going to a dance party In lumbridge castle. Karmaja fishing docks make me laugh! I occasionally get a clue when wearing an amulet! Varrock Castle chruch? This appears to be a good spot to Cheer! Maybe I'll feel more holy wearing a monk robe top! Right beside the mining guide is a place wear Dwarfs like to buy OSRS gold dance!

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