Users of Canon printing devices frequently look up "how to connect a Canon Pixma TS3322 to wifi" online. This post will provide you with the detailed instructions you need if you have a Canon Pixma TS3322 printer and are attempting to figure out how to connect it to your wifi connection (cableless setup).

Tips and Tricks Connect A Canon TS3322 Printer To Wifi

The Canon TS3322 printer needs to be linked to a wireless network before it can print wirelessly on a Windows or Mac computer. After that, your PC should have its drivers and programmes installed. In order How To Scan On Canon Ts3322 Printer or connect to a wireless network using the Easy Wireless Connect method, we have provided step-by-step directions below. The two primary procedures for configuring your Canon TS3322 printer for wifi are listed below:

  • Start your printer's Easy Wireless Connect programme.
  • To install the drivers and software for your printer, download and execute the setup file.

How Do I Set Up A Canon TS3322 Printer On Windows?

Start the Easy Wireless Connect procedure on your Canon printer before beginning setup on your PC. then complete the PC configuration. The full start-up instructions for Easy Wireless Connect are provided below:

Step 1: Set Up Your Canon TS3322 Printer for a Simple Wireless Connection

  • The Direct button (A) on your printer should be clicked and held. Release the button when the (B) illuminates.
  • Make sure the horizontal lines (C) and network icon are flashing now.

Step 2: Download The Installation File For The Printer Driver And Run It

Make sure the horizontal bar (C) and network symbol flash. Please follow the instructions below to obtain and install the printer driver for the setup file:

  • Start your setup file and select Start Setup first.
  • After reading the Network Security message attentively, select Next.
  • Read the licence deal after that. Select Yes to proceed after that. The installation procedure will end if you select No.
  • After that, decide whether you agree or disagree with the information request.
  • You will see this notification if you choose "Don't Agree."
  • To confirm your wireless connection option, pick Yes at this time.
  • It's possible to see the displays below. Select a 2.4Ghz-capable SSID network from the drop-down menu. Check the instructions for your network. On the following screen, enter your password after choosing the SSID network.
  • Once the connection is full, select Next.
  • Tap Next to continue.
  • Click Continue Online to obtain and install any other driver software.

How to connect a Canon TS3322 printer to wifi on Windows systems is described above.

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