continuous still maintenance:

1. If there is leakage at the inlet and outlet pipe joints, if tightening the joints does not solve the problem, then the filler needs to be added or replaced.

2, should regularly check the pressure gauge and safety valve, found fault timely replacement or repair.

3. When cleaning the fermenter, use a soft brush instead of a hard tool to avoid damaging the surface of the fermenter.

4. The supporting equipment should be calibrated once a year to ensure normal use.

5, electrical appliances, appliances, sensors and other electrical appliances are strictly prohibited from direct contact with water or steam, to prevent moisture.

6. When the equipment is not in use, it must be cleaned in time to discharge the residual water in the fermenter and pipeline. Loosen the screws on the fermenter lid and hand hole to prevent distortion of the seal ring.

7. Carbon steel equipment such as workbench and constant temperature water tank should be painted regularly (once a year) to prevent corrosion.

8, often check the oil level of the reducer. If you don't have enough lubricant, take a moment to increase it.

9. Replace reducer lubricating oil regularly to prolong its service life. 10. If the fermenter is not used for the time being, it is necessary to empty the fermenter, empty the remaining water in the tank and various pipes.

continuous still note:

1. Be sure to check the liquid level in the tank before sterilization. In addition, all electrodes must be above liquid level.

2. Before turning on the continuous still power supply, be sure to check whether it contains cooling water and temperature probe. If we don't put it in, the heating circuit will burn out.

3. During the fermentation process, keep the table clean, the used culture bottles and other items should be cleaned in time, and the spilled acid and alkali solution or water should be wiped away immediately.

4. When installing, disassembling and disinfecting the tank, pay special attention to the pH electrodes and fragile and expensive parts in the tank.

continuous still techniques and methods for daily use:

1. Fermenter must ensure that all individual equipment can use the system during normal operation.

2. When sterilizing the filter in the fermenter, ensure that the steam pressure flowing through the air filter does not exceed 0.17MPa. If it exceeds, it will damage the filter element and lose the filtering ability.

3. In the fermentation process, tank pressure should not exceed 0.17MPa

4. In the actual dismantling process of the fermenter, when the jacket is preheated by steam, the inlet steam pressure is the working pressure range of the device. Otherwise it will damage the fermenter.

5. If the fermenter is empty or genuine, the remaining water in the fermenter jacket should be drained. Doing so will flatten the cylinders in the fermenter and may damage the equipment. In fact, too much condensate will dilute the culture and fail to meet the process requirements.

continuous still