China Organic Plant Extract 1.Botanical Description: Black pepper extract is the dried near-ripe or ripe fruit extract of Piperaceae plant, Pipernigrum L., organic black pepper extract powder is processed from black pepper seeds. Containing piperine (C17H19NO3), kaolin (C17H19NO3), piperidine [(CH2)5NH] and piperine (C19H21O3N). Black pepper, perennial climbing vine. Native to Malabar Coast, India. Its fruity and spicy taste is one of the earliest spices used by people, and it is the most widely used spice today. It is also used medicinally as a carminative and to stimulate gastric secretion. It has a very long history of application in the history of human diet. Black pepper is even known as "black gold" and was used as a trade currency in ancient times. At the same time, it is one of the most important medicinal and edible plants in the Ayurvedic medicine system. According to Ayurvedic medical records, black pepper is one of the three essential herbs in medical prescriptions. Therefore, black pepper can be used as medicine a long time ago, and with the progress of the times, its mystery has been further revealed. 2.Flow Chart: 3.Action and efficacy of organic black pepper extract: (1) Piperine is a broad-spectrum anticonvulsant, which has a good anticonvulsant effect on experimental electrical convulsions in mice. Seizures and audiogenic seizures caused by amino acids have different degrees of antagonism. (2) Black pepper has a strong and stimulating taste, and a little black pepper can achieve a good therapeutic effect. Especially for an instant boost of energy and energy. (3) Black pepper is a medicine in herbal medicine, Siddha and Unani medicine in India. The 5th-century Syriac Book of Medicines states that pepper (probably actually referring to longi) treats constipation, diarrhea, ear pain, gangrene, heart disease, colic, hoarseness, indigestion, insect bites, insomnia, Joint pain, liver disease, lung disease, oral abscess, sunburn, tooth decay and toothache. In traditional Chinese medicine, black pepper can treat cold phlegm, food accumulation, abdominal cold pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cold dysentery, and can also be used for food poisoning and detoxification. (4) Black pepper oil can promote blood circulation, expel excess waste water from the body, and eliminate excess fat. At the same time, it can also tighten skeletal muscles, expand local blood vessels, and improve muscle soreness and muscle stiffness. 4. Side effects of black pepper extract: One thing about organic black pepper extract powder is that it does affect how the drug is absorbed and metabolized. If you are taking medication, it is best to discuss your pepper usage with your doctor, especially if you are using it in large quantities. Black pepper suppresses digoxin (a blood pressure drug) and cyclosporine (an immunosuppressant used to avoid organ rejection after transplantation). However, it increases the absorption of fexofenadine, an antihistamine. 5. Clinical application of organic black pepper extract: (1) The main component of organic black pepper extract is piperine, and it also contains a certain amount of aromatic oil, crude protein, crude fat and soluble nitrogen, which can remove fishy smell, dissolve greasy, and aid digestion. (2) Smell can increase appetite. (3) Warm in nature, it has a good relieving effect on stomach and abdomen cold pain caused by stomach cold, bowel sounds and diarrhea, and treats wind-cold cold. (4) It has the effect of antiseptic and bacteriostatic, and can solve the botulism of fish and shrimp. (5) The spiciness of black pepper is stronger than that of white pepper, the fragrance is spicy, and the smell is removed. (6) Food taboos: patients with peptic ulcer, cough and hemoptysis, hemorrhoids, throat inflammation, and eye diseases should be careful. 6.See the science锛?/strong> 锛?锛塇arrison, Paul (27 January 2016). "What Are The Different Kinds of Peppercorns?". Food Republic. Retrieved 21 November 2019. 锛?锛?Pepper (noun)". Online Etymology Dictionary, Douglas Harper. 2016. Retrieved 24 September 2016. 锛?锛塊atzer, Gernot (2006). Pepper Archived 5 December 2012 at the Wayback Machine. Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages. 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