Resetting the ink cartridge of your Canon printer can be required in situations wherein the cartridge is not getting recognized. The cartridge needs to be correctly reset in your printing device if you do not wish to see any damages or errors. To know more about How to reset canon printer to factory settings. To prevent the same and assist you in the task, we have authored several methods on how to reset the Canon printer’s ink cartridge. Along with these methods, you can also browse through the ways to restore your printer to the default state by factory resetting it.

How to Reset Canon Printer to Factory Settings Using Power Reset?

With reference, many printers don’t support a reset button (Printer without a reset button), you can prefer the following method on how to reset their Canon printer:

  1. To begin with, turn OFF the Canon printer.
  2. Next, remove all the connected power cables as well. Make sure that the printer has been completely disconnected from its respective power source.
  3. Wait atleast for 30 seconds.
  4. Further, reconnect the discarded cable to the power source again using the Canon Manual support to the printer.
  5. Turn ON the desired printer.

How to Reset Canon Printer Using Stop and Power Buttons?

For your concern, this method doesn’t require any software to establish this process of resetting the canon printer to default/factory settings. Steps to do are given below:

  1. Make sure the Canon printer is turned ON and configured to the computer.
  2. Then, switch OFF the printer by pressing the “power” button.
  3. Further, select the stop button for two seconds.
  4. After pressing the stop button, gently press the power button at least for two seconds. Now, release your hands from the stop button.
  5. With reference to the hold-on power button, press the stop button five times.
  6. Finally, it’s time to press the power button.

How to reset the Canon PIXMA printer:

This is the most basic way to reset your Canon printing devices. Although there is no reset button on Canon printers, you can reset the device by turning the power on.

  • Power off your printer and take out its power cable.
  • Ensure that the printer is fully disconnected before continuing ahead.
  • Wait for half a minute.
  • Now, plug back the cable into its outlet.
  • Link the cable to the Canon printing device.
  • Now power on the printer.
  • This is a quick fix to reset the printer. To know more about canon printer reset settings
  • But if you don’t find the printer in this state after performing the steps, learn how to reset the Canon PIXMA printer through the other ways below.

Conclusion: These are the different ways to reset the Canon printer and get rid of printing problems. You can also reset the cartridges if you face issues with color print. Contact an expert to get more Printer fixing error assistance.