Vibrating Screen for sale Brief Description Rotary Vibrating Screen is a high-precision powder griddle, low noise, high efficiency, quick changer takes 3-5 minutes, totally enclosed structure, for grain, flour, mucus and other materials screening filter. Rotary Vibrating Screen is a motor for vertical excitation source, the motor and lower eccentric weight installed at both ends of the motor rotary motion into a horizontal, vertical, inclined three elementary motions, then the movement passed to the screen surface. Adjust the upper and lower ends of the phase angle, the material can change the trajectory of the screen surface. Technical Data ModelEffective diameter For sieving surface(mm)Screen sizeLayerPowder(KW) Vibration motorCommon motor 4003402-500 mesh1-50.18-- 6005402-500 mesh1-50.250.75 8007302-500 mesh1-50.551.1 10009002-500 mesh1-51.11.5 120011002-500 mesh1-51.11.5 150014002-500 mesh1-51.52.2 180017002-500 mesh1-543.0 200018862-500 mesh1-543.0 Application Rotary vibrating screen is applicable to any powder, granule, liquid screening and filtering of the industry. this series rotary vibration screen is widely used in chemical industry, medicine powder, liquid, paint, pigments, cosmetics, oil, resin, ceramic slurry, clay slurry, lime, refractory powder at the end, magnetic powder, polishing powder, fruit juice, beverage, sugar, salt, MSG, spices, milk powder, starch, flour, rice flour, carbon powder, graphite powder, manganese powder, lithium carbonate, help solvents, fire extinguishing agents, as well as the environmental protection industry wastewater, wastewater treatment process of screening, filtering. Vibrating Screen for sale website: