According to the Qatar Airways seat selection policy, a passenger must pay the seat selection fee to the airline to reserve preferred, standard, legroom, and adjacent seats. However, if you don’t know how much you have to pay, there is detailed information on the seat expenditure that you must pursue rapidly.

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In Economy Reserve Cabin-

  • Also, to obtain the Adjacent seats, you should pay from USD 55 to USD 165

In Business Lite Cabin-

  • If you are going to select the preferred seats, it is a must to USD 33 to USD 121

In Business Classic Cabin-

  • If you are going to select the preferred seats, it is a must to USD 28 to USD 103

In Economy Cabin- 

  • The premium Economy seat can take USD 83 to USD 220

  • For extra legroom seat, it is a must to pay USD 39 to USD 165

  • The preferred seats in the Economy class will offer seats by paying USD 17 to USD 61

  • For standard seats, you should pay USD 9 to USD 39

How to select seats by contacting Qatar Airways customer service?

So, if you are seeking to select seats by contacting the Qatar customer service agent, there are a few steps that you must get through it readily.

Launch the web browser of Qatar Airways, move to the contact page, find the reliable phone number 1 (877) 777-2827, and call the support person. After that, you heard that the call could be converted into the IVR commands and listened to it.

  • Press 1 to book tickets with Qatar 

  • Press 2 to make changes in the ticket

  • To choose the seats on the flight, press 3

  • Press 4 to cancel and request reimbursement

  • Press 5 to speak with the customer service person 

After herding all the options, press the 3rd option to choose the preferable seats. Continue to ask about the seats and share the recommended details with the agent. The airline person tells all the information about the available seats, choose according to your choice, pays the reliable charges to them, and receives its confirmation. 

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