Keep all the following pieces of advice in mind. It will help approach the most competent and reliable - in short, the best - packers and movers in the market. Sometimes, it becomes super hard to find the most suitable person. Hardly, it is because of non-availability. But often it is because of your own disability. Do you really know what the exact path is that leads to expert and reliable moving companies? Most probably, you don’t. This explains your presence here. You are here to find out more about finding and hiring the best movers and packers. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. Consider each and every piece of wisdom shared below and succeed in engaging the best person at your service.

Reputable Online Directories

Consult legitimate and famous websites online and find outstanding service providers. One such directory is available in the form of a list. It is uploaded on in an organised manner. Visit this portal and you will find a link under the empanelment section on the navigation bar. This is the second link and it says, “Recommended Transport Operators.” Otherwise, it can be accessed manually as well. Just do a Google search on IBA-recommended transport operators. It contains details of pre-verified and professional service providers. However, make sure you don’t complete the process only online. Before making a final deal, visit the company in person. Have a word with it and if possible, bargain for a better offer. This way, you will find the best mover possible.


Rely on the experiences of others. Act on their recommendations. In other words, ask if they know any packers and movers in Mumbai who are reliable and well-trained. You are not the first person facing shifting requirements. Many must have done the same earlier. So, find these people. You must have friends, family members and acquaintances. Discuss your current needs with them. See how they react. It is a big win-win if you find at least a single person who can make recommendations. In short, get referred to experts by someone who has experienced the services before and he knows you as well. However, it is only possible if you talk to as many people as possible. Don’t hesitate. It is totally fine to ask for help and expect that someone would let you know about the most reliable person.

Past Customers Opinions

See if a particular service provider has received positive feedback or negative so far. Negative opinions of past customers show that the company is not that competent. If you hire such companies, shifting may turn out to be pretty horrible in your case as well. Suppose you visit a service provider. And start doing a little bit of investigation. During the conversation, you ask for a list of people who have recently hired services from it. And you are told that it is confidential and that it cannot be disclosed to any third party. In that case, consider that this company is not that good. This is because people supported by their past customers don’t hesitate in sharing their relations with them before new customers.

High Experience

Just devour all the theoretical aspects of a thing and you are still incomplete. But, get the practicality done and you have won everything. This is the importance of having wisdom/insights/practicality. Packers and movers must have at least 5 to 6 years of experience in the logistics industry or the concerned field. Anyone less than this level must be, without any discomfort, put into the category of a novice. Besides, you can consider a particular company’s year of inception as well. It helps find out the exact duration of their being in the market.


Incorporation is the process of legalizing the existence of a profit-making organization. It happens when a profit-making organization registers itself in the public domain, going through the same process as established by the government or authorities. In India, all these affairs of the corporate world are handled by MCA. The short form stands for the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. So, ensure a particular moving company is registered and then finalize a deal. Otherwise, you may end up with an illegal company that is not available under the records of the government. You won’t be able to use this company in the event of any fraud or something like this. Always verify the registration number for the better. It can be easily done online.

Goods and Services Tax Identification Number

Another thing that polishes the profile of packers and movers in the market is GSTIN. Does this company have a valid GSTIN? If yes, you have found the best person. This is a number that is issued by the GST Council. It is only given to legitimate people in all sorts of business activities for the purpose of facilitating tax collection. So, everyone that has this identification string/number is reliable. This is because this person proves to be a loyal taxpayer. Thus, ensure GSTIN and it will lead you to a well-trained professional because only they can afford to obtain it from the concerned authorities.

Written Quotations

Relocation Service providers who don’t provide their customers with proper estimates are often categorized as unprofessional and cheap. Written quotations are crucial. For example, to have an idea, consider the following. It helps compare services and rates. So, you can decide which option is the best. Furthermore, it also keeps a removal company from altering its pricing scheme at its will. There are various advantages of collecting written estimates from more than one person. So, make sure you don’t miss out on this point.

No Advance Payments

Reliable and experienced people never ever ask for full advances. This is because they know that every customer seeks quality services. And when provided, payments are easily made on time without any hassle. So, look for a company that doesn’t ask for paying all the charges fully in advance. Only incompetent people fear the scenario of payment issues. They know their weaknesses well. And thus, they find it best to make a full advance mandatory.