Microsoft had launched an app called the PC Health Check app, which couldn't satisfy the users for the app displayed incorrect results for the PCs, claiming them to be incapable of installing and running Windows 11. Furthermore, the app didn't let the people know the exact reasons for this claim and was thus taken to be failing in the task it has been brought for. This made the company pull the app and work on it. It took three months for this revamp in the app, and it is now prepared to get back but in a preview form.

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The app is not available commonly; therefore, Microsoft did not release any details or a blog post regarding the revamped app. In addition to this, this latest version (3.0.210914001) of the app has no changelog to show what's new.

According to some of the media reports, it has not been clarified whether you need to be a Windows Insider to download the app at the moment. However, a page titled "Windows Insider Preview PC Health Check Application," includes links to download the app. According to this page, one needs to be an Insider to download the PC Health Check app.

Windows 11 page contains a footnote that has a direct link to download the app. But, the footnote specifically mentions that the app download is for PCs running Windows 10 in S mode.

This app will let you know the reason why your PC is not compatible with running Windows 11. Further, you will be shown checkmarks next to the met PC requirements and will clearly tell you the requirements yet not fulfilled to be compatible enough. If the PC is not supporting TPM 2.0, you will even be provided the link to get and enable it on your PC.

Windows 11 is set to be launched on October 5, 2021, so the app may be released for the general public before the Operating System.

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