The Permanent Account Number (PAN), a ten-digit alpha-numeric number issued by the income tax department, is a mandatory document which companies and individuals must have for undertaking any kind of financial transaction. It is to be noted that not only Indian companies and resident Indians but Persons of Indian origin (PIO) and foreign nationals can also Apply for a PAN card in India. Implemented by the income tax department, the facility of online pan card application is greatly beneficial as it has replaced the traditional process of paperwork and physical visits to the I-T office. It lets anyone make an application for availing a new PAN card as well as many corrections or additions in the existing card.

There two ways in which applicants can use the Pan card application form online one is by directly filling the form and submitting it online. Another approach could be downloading application form available on the website, filling it and submitting the same at the Nearest TIN Facilitation Center (TIN-FC). Spread across 6120 business locations in over 673 cities, Alankit Limited has set up TIN Facilitation centers for PAN card-related services. In the National Capital, Delhi, there are 139 PAN offices.

The benefits and reasons of making online corrections in PAN

The online facility provided by Alankit is convenient and ensures faster processing of the PAN application form. The need for changes or corrections in the PAN card may arise due to the following reasons. In such cases, a pan card correction application form should be filled and submitted.

• Spelling errors: If changes arise due to spelling errors in the PAN card details such as the applicant’s name, father’s name, date of birth details, etc.
• Change in name: If the applicant’s wants to make changes in his or her name due to marriage, divorce, etc
• Change in contact address: If the address mentioned by the PAN card holder needs to be updated or changed.
• Signature mismatch: If there is a discrepancy and the signature of the PAN holder does not match or is unclear.
• Poor photo clarity: If the photo of the applicant is blurred or unclear.
• Printing error: Sometimes, the PAN number could be misprinted.

PAN holders must never neglect the need to make such corrections or changes as it can lead to serious problems at a later stage, by delaying further documentation or bank related process. If the PAN number is not known, it can be checked by visiting the official website of the income tax department.

The steps for making corrections in PAN card

The Pan card correction form must be carefully filled with the correct information. The right boxes should also be ticked as per the required changes. The instructions in the form must be read thoroughly by the applicant to avoid any mistake. After the form is completed, it must be uploaded. The modifications will be done and processed. The PAN card with the same Permanent Account Number with updated details will be sent to the applicant.

Fill the form: Applicant can visit the Alankit website and download the pan card correction application form, ‘Request for New PAN Card Or/ And Changes Or Correction in PAN Data’. The application form for applying a new PAN card are of two kinds - Form 49A is required for applicants who are Indian Citizens and Indian companies within India. On the other hand, for entities and individuals residing outside India, the form which should be chosen for application is Form 49AA.

Submit documents: Supporting documents such as valid proof of identity (POI) and valid proof of address (POA) must be provided for verification. Foreign nationals must provide their citizenship identification number, passport copy or copy of PIO card, etc. Companies and other corporate entities must provide their copy of registration allotted by any competent authority in India (for running office in India) or their respective country of given location (if they have no offices in India).

Payment of Process Charges: The applicants must submit the forms and post them to Alankit office with all the required supporting documents. Professional executives at Alankit office will collect, review and submit the individual’s application to the PAN Department. The applicants must also pay the required charges for revision or any kind of change in PAN card or reprint of PAN card. The cost ranges from Rs 107 to Rs 120 (all inclusive) for Indians and around Rs. 1,040 for residing outside India.

An acknowledgment slip is sent to the applicants from Alankit after the successful submission of their pan card correction form. The company conducts regular follow-ups with the PAN department. The updated PAN Card is dispatched to the PAN holder within 15 to 20 business days, approximately. Alankit also provides an option for tracking the status of applications by the PAN holders. It can be done using the 15 digit unique Acknowledgment Number after 3 or 4 days of application.

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