Emails are a vital part of modern corporate operations. Through email, we may send and receive messages. AOL has a lot of great features. It includes a lot of great features, like mass storage capability for users to save photographs, documents, etc.

sign up aol email services like contact lists and calendars. AOL offers comprehensive malware and virus prevention. It guards against harmful activity on your PC.

Features of AOL Email

  1. AOL email offers large storage space
  2. Filters and automated email sorting
  3. Spam and junk email filter
  4. Email attachments can be up to 25MB in size
  5. You can customize the look of the webmail interface

There are times when you accidentally delete an email. However, it didn't delete permanently, but was kept in the “Trash” folder for seven days, and you can simply retrieve it from there.

But in case an email has exceeded the seven days duration, recovering it becomes a little difficult but still possible through other ways.

How to Recover Deleted AOL Emails within 7 Days?

Step 1: You need to enter your account name and password to log into your AOL account.

Step 2: Once in your inbox, select the "Trash" option in the left-hand column.

Step 3: Select the box next to the email that you want to recover by checking it.

Step 4: An "Action" button will be located above the email.

Step 5: You are required to choose "Inbox" under the "Move to" option

Step 6:  Last, you need to move to your inbox and find your email.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted AOL Emails?

If the duration exceeds seven days, then the following steps will help you sign up for aol email account.

Retrieve Deleted Emails from AOL Server

Your data is also saved on the AOL server if you are using the AOL web-based service. In case you have deleted some urgent mail, then do contact the experts to get your mail data. Contacting experts is the only way to retrieve your emails.

But you must know that this service is only available to the paid members. So, if you have the free version, you have to upgrade it first.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted AOL Emails with Mail Recovery Software?

If you choose to link your AOL account to Outlook, you won't be able to retrieve your deleted emails from the AOL server. The only solution is to recover them using a mail recovery program. sign up for aol mail that can assist you in recovering your deleted AOL emails is AnyRecover.

Support for AOL email customer care number

AOL has a huge client base. It has the best features and functions that meet the demands of the users. AOL Mail is now unavailable, AOL Mail is not sending emails, AOL Mail password recovery troubles, etc. are just a few of the problems users may run into when using it, and all of these problems force users to contact professionals.

And getting in touch with the AOL professionals is easy. The live chat option is also one of the methods. Users can talk with them here to obtain answers to any of their questions and concerns about AOL.


Q1. Why is aol mail not working on iPhone?

Here are some of the reasons AOL is not working.

  1. Network connection
  2. Outdated AOL
  3. Due to an incorrect server setting
  4. Due to wrong login credentials
  5. Due to a faulty browser

Q2. how do I fix AOL mail that won’t load on internet explorer?

  1. Check your internet connection.
  2. Clear Cache and cookies for using your browser with ease.
  3. Also, check the privacy-related issue.
  4. Verify the auto-detect proxy settings
  5. DNS-associated issue.


By following the steps, a user will easily recover the AOL emails. I hope this article will answer your How to Retrieve AOL Mail question.

And in case of any difficulty, a user can contact the AOL support team. The executives will surely help the users to fix the issues or problems of AOL.

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