Before you plan for sexual closeness with your accomplice, Cenforce 100mg ought to be required just about 4 hours, and You can encounter its effect in something like 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

To appreciate and accomplish most extreme sexual fulfillment from your arranged lovemaking meeting, taking the medication an hour prior is suggested. Contingent on your age and ailment, the specialist will endorse you the appropriate measurement.

You should realize that the Cenforce 200mg drug is taken just when required, and the portion should not be rehashed in 24 hours or less. In the event that required at least a few times per day, it will cause you to experience the ill effects of serious incidental effects and go too far.

While utilizing sildenafil citrate, it is in every case better to stay away from weighty, greasy dinners and liquor in light of the fact that the two substances delayed down the aftereffect of this medication.

One more thing that should be kept away from while utilizing this Cenforce 150 pill is grapefruit. At the point when you consolidate grapefruit with sildenafil citrate, undesirable outcomes in your body start and cause exceptionally serious aftereffects. Stay away from grapefruit in any structure.