A tractor is a powerful vehicle designed primarily for agricultural tasks. It plays a crucial role in modern farming, assisting in various operations such as plowing, tilling, planting, and harvesting. Tractors are equipped with large, rugged tires for enhanced traction and often feature a rear power take-off (PTO) system to power agricultural machinery like mowers or balers. They typically have a sturdy chassis, a diesel engine for efficient power output, and a comfortable operator cabin for long hours of operation. Tractors come in different sizes and configurations, ranging from compact models suitable for small farms or gardens to massive, high-horsepower machines used in large-scale farming operations. They tractor price can vary depending on several factors such as brand, model, features, and region. 

India, being an agricultural country, has a large and thriving market for agricultural products and machinery. There are several well-known companies in India that provide a wide selection of tractors with cutting-edge technology at affordable prices. In 2023, let's learn about the leading tractor manufacturers and tractor prices in India. 

Top 2 tractor Brands in India, Price 

Massey Ferguson 

Massey Ferguson is a famous agricultural machinery brand. The company specializes in the manufacturing of tractors, harvesting equipment, and other agricultural machinery. Founded in 1953, Massey Ferguson has a rich history and a global presence, serving farmers and agricultural professionals around the world. Their products are known for their durability, reliability, and innovative features, designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in the field. Massey Ferguson tractors range from compact utility tractors to high-horsepower machines suitable for large-scale farming operations. The Massey Ferguson tractor's HP range starts at 20 HP to 75 HP. Massey Ferguson tractor price in 2023 starts at Rs 3.25 lakh and to Rs 15.75 lakhs. 

Popular Massey Ferguson Tractor 

Massey 241 

Massey 9500 

Massey 1035 

Massey Ferguson 7250 

Kubota Tractor  

Kubota Corporation is a leading Japanese manufacturer of agricultural machinery and equipment, including tractors. Kubota has a long history of producing reliable and high-quality tractors for various farming applications. Their tractors are known for their durability, versatility, and advanced technology. Kubota offers a wide range of tractor models with varying horsepower and features to cater to different farming needs. From compact tractors for small-scale operations to powerful utility tractors for large farms, Kubota provides options for farmers worldwide. Their tractors are designed to enhance productivity, efficiency, and operator comfort, making them a popular choice among farmers globally. Kubota tractor offers 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive tractors from 21 to 55 HP with a lightweight design, efficient engine, and low price. Kubota tractor prices starting at Rs 4.15 lakh. 



The Indian tractor market offers a wide range of options for farmers, catering to different agricultural needs. Massey Ferguson and Kubota are two leading tractor brands in India. Massey Ferguson, with its rich history and global presence, offers a diverse lineup of tractors known for durability and innovation. The Massey Ferguson tractor prices in 2023 range from Rs 3.25 lakh to Rs 15.75 lakhs. Kubota, a renowned Japanese manufacturer, provides reliable tractors with advanced technology. Kubota tractor prices start at Rs 4.15 lakh, and their models range from 21 to 55 HP, offering versatility and efficiency for farmers.