According to the latest global fiber optic connector Market Research and analysis report,the global fiber optic connector market is estimated to reach US$5.01 billion in 2022 and US$7.78 billion in 2027.The annual compound growth rate during the forecast period is 9.2%.In this issue,follow etu-link to understand.

  Optical fiber connector is a pluggable connection device between optical fibers,also known as optical fiber movable connector.It precisely connects the two end faces of the optical fiber,so that the optical energy output by the transmitting optical fiber can be coupled to the receiving optical fiber to the maximum extent,and the impact on the system caused by its involvement in the optical link can be minimized.In this report,the global optical fiber connector market is subdivided according to type,application and region.

  According to the interface type,optical fiber connectors are divided into LC,SC,St,MTP,mu,FDDI and SMA.LC(lucent connector)is a mini type SC connector developed,which has a smaller volume.The pins and sleeves used are half the size of ordinary SC and FC,and it has occupied a leading position in single-mode SFF.SC(subscriber connector)and st(straight tip)are two types of optical fiber connectors.The insertion loss fluctuates little,the compressive strength is high,and the installation density is high.The core of SC is inside the connector,while the core of ST is exposed.MTP(multi fiber termination push on/pull off)has better mechanical and optical performance than ordinary MPO connectors,allowing the MT ferrule to float in the outer frame.Mu(master unit)adopts pre assembled main body,push-pull unlocking,small overall size,only half the size of SC connector,and is widely used in high-density installation.FDDI(fiber distributed data interface)adopts floating centering structure and blind plug design,which is commonly used to connect two-core optical cables in 100MB/s computer networks.SMA(sub multi assembly)is a small threaded coaxial connector,suitable for applications in the frequency range up to 26.5ghz.

  Optical fiber interfaces commonly used in optical modules are mainly LC,SC and MPO interfaces,among which LC is divided into simplex and duplex.Duplex LC connectors are used to connect dual fiber optical modules,such as 155m,1.25g,10g,25g,40g and 100g dual fiber optical modules.Simplex LC connectors are used to connect single fiber bidirectional optical modules,such as 155m,1.25g,10g and 25g single fiber optical modules.SC connectors are mostly used to connect single fiber bidirectional optical modules,such as 155m and 1.25g single fiber optical modules.MPO connectors are used to connect 40g/100g optical modules,such as 40g Sr4,100g Sr4,etc.,and are used with 8/12 core optical fiber jumpers.

  By application,the optical fiber connection market is divided into telecommunications,oil and gas,military and aerospace,medical,railway and other.By region,the market is mainly divided into America,EMEA(Europe,Middle East and Africa)and Asia Pacific region.

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