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Defeat all three and reach the other side of RuneScape gold the mountain. Now go back to the Catherby side of White Wolf Mountain and talk with all the dwarf who protects the underground passage. Now he will enable the shipment to experience the passage, inform Arhein who'll be happy about this change. Now return to Keldagrim and speak with Kjut to find out that the arrangement remains not going through. Head back to Catherby, get yourself armed and equip a bunch of jealousy, head down to the passage to find a cut scene in which a Spirit Wolf strikes the Assistant with the cart, now it is your choice to ruin the Spirit Wolf, level 210.

Next talk with Commander Veldaban again, who will inform you Gold Warriors have been coming out of the caves and Dondaken needs your help to stop them. Head over to Dondaken and he will beg you to kill the present four Gold Warriors, level 62, and then Dondaken will tell you an old magician may be able to assist you stop them permanantly, so head over to Hazelmere who can"look to your brain" and provide you a glimpse. Head back to Dondaken and you will read the following article:

English Translation: Mineral monsters I command you to return to your own department and finish your existance. Smokin' Joe and Keldagrim's Rat Infestation. Communicate with Smokin' Joe and he'll tell you that rats have started to pile in the town, luckily he managed to make a little cage around each of the three holes to slow them down. Smokin' Joe will tell you that you have to block the holes, and he can make steel boards if you bring him steel bars.

Go to each of those holes and use two Steel Planks on them, then use Mithril Nails or better . Each plank takes 7 Nails. Now that you have blocked the rat holes, you need your cat to hunt down the rest of the rats. Now while your cat is hunting the rats down, head over to the market and 24 Chaos Dwarves will appear, each level 48, 12 on either side of the market. Slay all 24 Chaos Dwarves then head over to the bank and become prepared for the final showdown.

Showdown with a Shaman. Prior to being able to even harm this Shaman you will need to produce a potion. Require a Vial of Water, insert Guam Leaf into it, then add Jangerberries, afterwards insert Ground Bat Bones. As soon as you are ready head upstairs to the middle of the Consortium, where an Ogre Shaman dressed in red will look and begin casting spells on the company supervisors to make them neglect. Time for the final bout, against a levell 250 Ogre Shaman. Remember your defense prayers only work on 1/5th of buy rs3 gold the Shamans attacks.

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