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Excellent! Now, use this armour with OSRS gold your kitty. Your cat seems to enjoy his new protection.) Good. How do they like it? I think they like it. (Your kitty's armour turns out a purple glow) Oh no! What is happening? A portal site is forming! We have to get out of this! (A cutscene begins. You along with the examiner run off. Your kitty disappears into the portal. It then ends.)

There appears to be something left . It is a note. Read it! It is a chant. It says: Inchanta-Makuse-Anciento-Remendum! Hmm. What's it for? Possibly to open the portal. Here, you might be able to cast it. (Examiner provides you"Incantation Note") Less than 50 Magic when chanted: Inchanta-Makuse-Anciento-Remendum! Hmm, it doesn't work. (End) 50 Magic or more when chanted: Inchanta-Makuse-Anciento-Remendum! Argh! You re-appear at a dungeon. You see your cat in the armour standing near you.) Hey! Are you ok? Yes. (No more catspeak ammy): Hey! Great. Let us look for a way out. I will bring the armour. (You walk and find another cat standing infront of a massive cave exit. It attacks you.)

I feel so powerful... Like I can attack bigger and better stuff! Outstanding! However, for now, let's get out of cheap RS gold this. (You exit the cave and also re-appear from a portal back at the digsite.) What happened? My cat thinks it can attack larger monsters now. I killed an ancient cat, and it has power got sucked in by my kitty. Hmmm, it looks very robust and mystical now. Give me the cat armour. I will get it's frame so you can earn cat armour.

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By Weismart
Added Mar 25



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