China Cable Seals Tamper Evident Seal are security devices used to seal and secure cables or wires, typically in transportation or industrial applications. They are designed to prevent tampering, theft, or unauthorized access to the cables or wires. Cable seals are made up of two parts: a locking mechanism and a cable. The locking mechanism is usually made of metal and includes a key or combination lock that secures the cable in place. The cable is usually made of steel or other high-strength materials and is looped through the locking mechanism 聽聽 Product dvantage 1.Tamper-evident: any attempt to remove or tamper with the seal will leave evidence behind, making it clear that the seal has been compromised. 2.High-security locking mechanism: the locking mechanism is designed to be difficult to pick or cut, making it highly resistant to tampering. 3.Adjustable length: the length of the Tamper Evident Seal can be adjusted to fit different sizes of objects or containers. 聽 Use scene Shipping containers:Tamper Evident Seal can be used to secure shipping containers during transit to prevent unauthorized access or theft. Trucks and trailers: It can be used to secure the doors of trucks and trailers during transportation to ensure the contents remain secure. Warehouses: It can be used to secure high-value items in warehouses to prevent theft or unauthorized access. Airlines: It can be used to secure cargo on airplanes to prevent tampering or theft during flight. 聽 What are cable seals made of? Cable seals can be made of various materials depending on the specific application and requirements. Here are some common materials used in cable seal construction: Steel: Steel is a durable and strong material commonly used in cable seals for high-security applications. Aluminum: Aluminum is a lightweight and corrosion-resistant material that is often used in cable seals for less demanding applications. Plastic: Plastic is a lightweight and cost-effective material that is commonly used in cable seals for applications where security is not a primary concern. Zinc: Zinc is a metal that is often used in cable seals for its anti-corrosive properties. 聽聽China Cable Seals website: