Tips for Your Hot Water System

When it is cold, we are heavily dependent on a hot water system. Whether it is showering or washing utensils, washing clothes, or cleaning the house, we need hot water for everything.

Hence, it is all the more important that the hot water system works fine. It is a little complex system. Therefore, you should maintain it well so that the possibility of downtime is minimized.

As they say, prevention is better than cure, you should perform preventive maintenance so that the problems get identified when they are small.

Experts say that by preventive maintenance, you not only reduce the chances of trouble but also extend the life span of your hot water system.

In this blog, we are going to understand five major tips for keeping the system in pink of its health.

Check the drain valve regularly

There is a drain valve in every hot water system that drains out the water. You should perform periodic cleaning of it. Attach a garden hose to it.  Open the relief valve that is at the center of the top of the heater. Drain out whole water. Close both relief valve and drain valve.

Start the water supply and let the tank fillcompletely. Open the faucet and let some quantity of water drain. It will ensure that there I no air trapped inside.

Now plug in the heater once again. It is ready to serve you.

Lower the temperature

Never put the temperature excessively high. Thus, you will reduce the possibility of fire. You need to operate the dial to lower the temperature if it is the gas water heater.

The system in the electric water heater is a little complicated.  There is a part that is called Thermostat. It controls the temperature. You need a flathead screwdriver to change the setting.

Make sure the power supply is off.

Call an electrician if you find it difficult to change the setting. Never do anything if you are not well-versed with the electrical system.

Flush out the water once in six months

Every water heater has to be drained every six months. You can do it while checking the drain valve. These two activities can be clubbed to avoid duplication.

Let the water drain out until you get cold water. Now shut down the unit and rest it for some time. Now you can switch on it again.

By following these steps you can keep the hot water system running without any problem.

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