CF-8M is a molybdenum bearing modification of CF8 alloy and is the cast equivalent of forged AISI316 stainless steel. The presence of molybdenum improves general corrosion resistance and resistance to chloride pitting, and the alloy is used in mildly acidic and alkaline conditions for the treatment of citric, oxalic and phosphoric acids.

Stainless Steel CF8M Application
CF8M is a popular stainless steel casting, stainless steel CF8M casting is widely used in most industries, such as impeller, propeller, pump casing, valve body, pressure plate.

Stainless steel CF8M weldability
CF-8M can be welded by SMAW, GTAW and GMAW processes.
No preheating required before welding.

Why choose investment casting for stainless steel CF8M/SS316 castings?
Investment casting can achieve the best size and beautiful appearance, and the casting size can meet the requirements of product design, which can save a lot of processing costs. Our investment casting process can meet IS08062CT4-CT6 grades.

Why choose sand casting for stainless steel CF8M/SS316 castings?
Now that investment casting yields the highest quality castings, one may ask why sand casting is chosen. Yes, investment casting is the best option, but due to mechanical limitations, investment casting cannot produce large size castings. The general investment casting process can only make castings with a length/height of 800mm, otherwise we cannot place the shell wax mold.
But sand casting has no size restrictions and can produce castings of any size, several tons or even several tons of castings. Sand casting shells follow the relaxation tolerance of S08062CT10-CT12, which means that the machining allowance will also be large.