It’s Party Time!

Perched high amongst the seashore Rocket League Prices hills, a % of tuned-up go with the flow automobiles awaits their sign. The whistle blows and that they begin a chaotic descent, sliding sideways through the perilous mountain roads. A wild crowd waits at the base of the hills, cheering as their preferred racers boost toward victory. These are the sights and sounds of Season 11.

Hope you’re properly-rested, reason the festivities are raging all Season long. Powerslide with the loved Nissan Silvia (S13), dive right into a coloration-stuffed Rocket Pass, and have a good time Soccar’s most joyous moments in Estadio Vida Arena.

Now, who’s prepared to show up? Season eleven starts offevolved on June 7!


Right off the beginning line, one vehicle leads this year’s big race—the Nissan Silvia! This JDM conventional's S13 chassis is well-known for its quickness and fearsome agility. In-game, it uses a Hybrid Hitbox which can take care of just about some thing you throw at it.

Of direction, not each person is glad with stock. The tuned-up Nissan Silvia RLE takes your experience to the following degree with a custom hood scoop, carbon fiber mods, and a dramatic rear wing. Players who need to head all in on the float appearance can even equip a mismatched set of Nissan Silvia RLE Wheels! 

Both vehicles can be to be had in-game thru Rocket Pass Premium. What’s that? Glad you requested!


As the hole ceremony ends the actual festivities come to existence, and one among our favorite approaches to birthday party is with extremely good Rocket Pass Rewards!

As you race down the mountain, depart clouds of rainbow smoke to your wake with the Smoketrail Trail. The Maelstrom Wheels feature a excellent simple tread with a touch of swirling colour around a pitch-black center. Or if you want to enroll in this extravaganza, Glitterati Wheels are a treadless, semi-translucent alternative full of sparkle and shine!

You can celebration all day with the Smokeshow Rocket League Trading Store Goal Explosion’s multicolor rockets, or prompt the night with the hyperactive Laser-Light Goal Explosion. Not keen on fanfare? That’s in which the Crickets Player Anthem is available in. Chirp.