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There are many ores in the room but at many peculiar regions.... Have you ever heard of ores climbing on dragons? Neither have I (if you opted to mine from a dragons back you risk it waking and OSRS gold coping 10 damage to you then going back to sleep, then you might even have you pick axe slide while mining and prick the dragon...the dragon doesn't like that at all and deals 20 damage for you).

Not only can they grow dragon's backs but on the wall (accessible height so you can still mine it but also you risk getting hit on the head resulting in 2 damage if you don't wear your builder garments from Tower Of Life Quest) and on the ceiling!! (Requires 50 scope to acquire any ore onto the ceiling (and the essential mining level) but it works is you fling your pick up up in the ceiling leading in some ore falling again as with all the ores on the wall wear your own contractors outfit or (sometimes) suffer two harm another thing which can happen while mining in this way is losing your pick axe because it got stuck!

If this occurs and you have 70 range and 50 power you can lasso the pick axe and pull it out) inspect each of the ores and an image of them will show up in the right hand corner of the game screen also showing the required mining level.

To mine the golden charms ore you've got to have 15 mining and also to mine the abyssal charms ore you need 80 mining that rest charms may have a mining level in between that Jagex is able to chose. When you have a look at the south part of the cavern there's a what looks like a portal site and a furnace blended (the reason there is the Portal-Furnace is because the charms if you are the"law rune" for the monsters in another dimension and what else would be better to fuse that teleportation magic into the charm during its production?) To make the charms you need to cheap RuneScape gold ores along with a charm mold that is conveniently already in the furnace so you simply use 2 ores on the furnace and viola you've got a charm! The only problem with mining the ores would be that there are"ore guardians" that randomly look while mining ranging from level 1-360 and can be any monster in the game....

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The Wall

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