That was a close call, Taurus! He probably followed you in the acursed desert! from Megaomgchen's blog

That was a close call, Taurus! He probably followed you in the acursed desert! I don't care! We have lost him today, so we should probably just drain the energy out of this shrine and OSRS gold get away as fast as possible. It's too heavy! You attempt.

Taurus will open it effortlessly. The cutscene will end, and you will need to enter the Red Dragon's Island. Attempt to lift the rock trapdoor, and you will discover the ladder. Go down the ladderand you will be in another circular chamber with a change in the midst glowing dim grey.

Taurs and Mage of Zamorak: You die, adventurer! This time, the Mage of Zamorak will summon seven level 76 skeletons (all they will fall is bones). It's a multi-combat zone, so they will all attack you at once,each hitting a max of 13 HP every moment. Defeat them all, and then the mage of Zamorak will cast a snare spell on youpersonally, and Taurus will utilize his maul to hit you once, hitting 30 (you will need to stay over 30HP once all the skeletons are dead). Then the two will teleport away, and Taurus will say:'I will crush you shortly, adventurer!' You may once more receive a message from Azzanadra: Today pursue them adventurer! However, the shrine will no longer glow light gray.

Continue on to another shrine. Shrine of Sacrifice: After you complete browse the Shrine of Sacrifice scroll, then you will say this:'I believe I need to travel to Kharyll and find it east of there.' Now visit Kharyll (Canifis) and travel east, into the haunted woods. There'll be a cave entrance in the center of the region.

If you try to enter it, a level 103 vampire wil attack you. Kill him, and go indoors. There'll be a circular room again, with an alter glowing red from the center. Once inside, you will see Taurus and buy RuneScape gold the Mage of Zamorak. The Mage of Zamorak will throw a spell, and also four level 103 vampires (who just fall bones and 1 blood rune apiece when killed) appear.Wet rod Jump-you jump on sticks across a pond-agility- if you fail you slip on the wet poles and fall into the oceans, causing 1 harm, swim back and try again. Tremendous Dive-Things get tougher here. There's a large, broad pit full of water. You do a head first dive into the pit and to the water, then you grow up the ladder positioned on the wall- agility- If you neglect you do a giant belly-flop committing 5 damage, then continue

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