First, low weight sublimation paper factory features:

Processing temperature: 110-160℃, a variety of processing temperature varieties, labor saving, flexibility, good flexibility, strong bonding fastness, waterproof, washable, no glue, environmental protection and other characteristics.

Applications: Widely used in waterproof zippers, ski wear seamless pockets, front flap, sports shoes mesh press glue, seamless underwear, TPU lamination, leather fabric composite, seamless mobile phone cover, synthetic board, metal film composite, conductive cloth, reflective materials, automotive interior, IC card packaging,PVC composite and other industries.

Second, the application of low weight sublimation paper factory:

1. The fitting of various types of fabrics (textile fabrics of various materials, non-woven fabrics, etc.)

2. Fit two or more different materials, such as plastic or leather

3. Used to glue labels, labels, embroidery marks, sound insulation materials, etc

4. Waterproof zipper, waterproof strip, etc

5. Heat transfer fitting

6. Wood and furniture industry fit

7. Book binding

8. Clothing and maternal and child products (such as diapers, etc.)

9. Automotive industry - interiors, lighting, etc

10. Healthcare

11. Interior decoration industry

Such as: low temperature and high permeability, high dialysis fabric, racing clothing ink level, leather surface treatment books wireless binding adhesive requirements are: with the recycling of old books meet the requirements of environmental protection requirements instead of silk binding adhesion, to withstand the summer heat and winter cold, the number of pages to have a certain toughness and folding resistance, and polyurethane hot melt adhesive can better meet this requirement It can better adapt to the production process of book binding and the requirements of future use.

low weight sublimation paper factory