Are classic timepieces really facing extinction?

Well, if it would have been so I wouldn’t be here to write down this blog. 

You might even ask me, why do you even need to wear a watch in this digitized world when every device you own displays time? When there are smartphones, tabs, and computers always at our fingertips, one can easily dismiss the chances of wearing a wristwatch. On the contrary, the actual picture is not the same. 

There is a distinct enduring charm and sophistication with analog watches that has never been replaced with anything else even with smartwatches. Or else the high-end luxury watch brands wouldn’t still make uber-expensive analog watches to date. 

Sylvi stands as the most prominent and renowned name in the world of horology in India which is known to craft exquisite timepieces with captivating style and precision. Sylvi’s analog watches for men are a living example of the timeless appeal of classic wristwatches. Sylvi’s analog watches hold a special place in every man’s heart who has a soft corner for wristwatches. Their analog watches embody the best fusion of fashion-forward designs and unwavering performances that is there to stay. 

Humans with Analog Watches

It doesn’t matter whether the world is completely turning digital with every passing day but human beings have always been analog creatures. They always have the intuitive preferences to read time with moving hands on indexes on a circular display. And this is the reason why, you will always find an analog watch face in every smartwatch available in the market. Even if you use those Tesla dashboards, they have digital renderings like old-school gauges. 

Trust me, just a shining blur of lit-up numerals won’t replace the charm and aura of watching a needle move. The term ‘analog watch’ is mostly a retronym that is coined to differentiate modern digital watches from analog watches. With its multiple hands to display time, these are still the easiest way to check the time even when you are in the run. You do not have to worry about charging them like smartwatches or do not have to press any button to check the time. 

As per the reports from Google Trends, there has been a steady increase in affordable analog watches online and purchases. The majority of people have always preferred affordable luxury timepieces as many cannot always afford high-end luxury timepieces. And this is where Sylvi analog watches come into the picture that exuberate premium style and powerful performance with utmost royalty.

Gone are those days when finding a good quality watch at an affordable price range was difficult to find. With brands like Sylvi that have online platforms, men’s analog watches can be easily availed by everyone in the comfort of seating at home. You don’t have to spend a fortune to own a classic luxury analog timepiece and this is the reason Sylvi is so popular among younger ones and college students for whom budget is a concern. 

Why wearing an Analog Watch is still meaningful to the Modern World?

When everything in this modern world is getting digitized and ruled by cutwork technology, human beings still crave emotional connection. An analog watch is exactly that emotional connection that makes you realize we are not robots and have emotional value. Modern-looking analog watches from Sylvi bridge the gap between traditional classic timepieces and modern technology and trends. 

Carrier of Fashion and Style

Wearing an analog watch is not only about displaying time, it is also about displaying your social status and making a statement style and fashion. Sylvi analog watches are available in a plethora of designs, that range from sleek and minimalistic designs to bold and statement timepieces. They are the ultimate accessory for men that enhances their overall look and lets others know about your taste, confidence, and individuality. 

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer the classic or the contemporary design of analog watches, it shall always be the perfect wristwatch that will elevate your style and adds sophistication to any outfit. 

Effortless Timekeeping

You wouldn’t always prefer taking out your smartphone from the pocket or pressing the button of your smartwatch to check the time. Checking time from your analog watch is more discreet and efficient. Suppose you are in a meeting and you want to check the time, checking your smartphone or pressing your smartwatch is definitely not the smartest idea for a lasting impression. Your analog watch would come as a saviour in those situations. 

A quick glance at your analog watch would always avoid potential distractions and time-taking detours to reach your smartwatch or smartphone. The most hassle-free and straightforward process to track time and stay punctual is by checking the time with an analog watch. 


A quality wristwatch should always display accurate timing. Apart from this, all other features should function perfectly. Analog watches from Sylvi show an accurate display of time all thanks to its advanced Japanese Quartz Mechanism that works with a battery-powered circuit to produce electricity. If handled properly and used on a regular basis, this battery would easily last 3 years. Along with a time display, the analog wristwatches from Sylvi come with a date display. 

Away from Cut-throat Technology

When everything in the world runs with advanced technology, wearing an analog watch is like a subtle reminder to ourselves to rejuvenate by disconnecting from the digital world. Trust me, sometimes this works as a blessing. Honestly speaking, privacy is at stake with always keeping connected with smartphones and smartwatches. With analog watches, you don’t have to worry about privacy while keeping track of the time. 

Moreover, wearing a realistic analog watch helps to keep you grounded and realize the importance of simplicity and mindfulness.  It also lets you not rely on technology in every phase and helps you to live in the present. 

Timeless Heirloom

An analog watch from Sylvi is there to stay, unlike smartwatches that need to be replaced within a maximum of three years. Sylvi analog watches are made with well-crafted intricate craftsmanship from the finest craftsmen in India that is absolutely meant to last. So indeed an heirloom timepiece in your collection without being bankrupted. Furthermore, with Sylvi's timepieces always stay in connection with royalty and history, which speaks of legacy transcending generations. 

The Speciality of Sylvi Analog Watches

Wristwatches have gone obsolete is a statement that actually never existed. It doesn’t matter how modern the world has turned into, the essence of tradition is still the same and people value it. The most striking part of Sylvi analog watches is that it values tradition with vintage designs and powerful performance that is long-lasting. 

They are available in leather straps, stainless steel bands, and PU bands. All the wristwatches are made with stainless steel watch case that is scratchproof. The watch case come in silver, rose gold, and black and the straps are available in black, silver, blue, and grey. Every single watch has a date display. 

There are two collections to look for when you check for analog watches from Sylvi – the Imperial collection and the Timegrapher collection. Among these, the most premium collection of Sylvi is their Imperial collection. The dial of these watches is the most unique with the curves of the mountains that you will never find with any brand. Indeed, this collection speaks of an imperial timepiece on your wrist. Another notable collection is the Timegrapher collection which has a chronograph display as well. So, if you do not like a plain watch then you can definitely go for this collection. 


  Do I need to charge my Sylvi analog watch like a smartwatch?

No, you do not need to charge your Sylvi analog watch like smartwatches. That is the speciality of analog watches which runs on a lithium battery that would last for two to three years and works with the Japanese Quartz mechanism. 

  Which is better digital watch or an analog watch?

Both digital watches and analog watches run with the Japanese Quartz mechanism with the help of a battery. Analog watches display time with separate hands for hour, minute, and second, ticking around the indexes while digital watches display time in numbers with the help of LCD or LED. 

  Can I use Sylvi analog watch for every occasion?

Yes, absolutely you can use your Sylvi analog watch for any occasion and even at your office or any formal meetings. Analog watches are the symbol of social status and sophistication. Wearing an analog watch symbolizes you are someone who respects time and hence you can wear it everywhere from a grand function to an official meeting. 

By wearing an Analog Watch from Sylvi be the collector of your past adventures and remain an inspiration for the future wherever you go!!!

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