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I have a number of different comments and rs2007 gold suggestions on the game I will talk about later if anyone has any comments on this small article feel free to leave anything or ask some question. If you would like to contact me although runescape my charaters name is andrewapekin.

This topic isn't likely to be elaborate just a lot of boring text. So if you don't want to read alot then it is possible to leave this post right... NOW! There now that is from the way here we go.

Karajama, Birmenhaven, Crandor, Entrana, Miscellania. Each one of these areas have something in common. They're all islands. These are just a few islands, and in most islands there are dungeons, quests, new monsters or some combination of the three. Now for these islands, you have to charter a boat, fly there or teleport there. These ways can be a real pain sometimes so to address all of your problems simply sail there! I have determined, by mass recognition that the ability be known as"Sailing" - I will leave the survey up simply to see your ideas.

Now, to start your experience at sea, then you must visit any vent in Runescape. Now you can buy the"Frame" of this boat for a certain amount of money based on which it is made from. The framework and ship itself will be made from wood. You may select any type of wood except Magic. Once you buy the framework from the pub or whoever is in control you must get stuff. Now it is much like building. You want Planks (Of the sort of wood you're building your ship from ) a hammer, nails and a saw.

Now the framework itself may be three distinct sizes. Small, Medium or Large. Little frames price 10k, Medium frames cost 50k and massive frames price 100k. Now you get started nailing the planks on to the frame until you have completed the framework. You'll need about 100 planks total to complete the outside of the ship. As your level advances, you will be able to add more to your ship. You can improve size of your boat or even buy more than 1 ship. Consider it. An whole armada of cheap RuneScape gold ships under your control (If you are wealthy at least).

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