Python may be the most straightforward programming language to learn. Thus, newbie programmers like me prefer Python. Python is easy to understand, has a simple syntax, and has a strong community that has contributed many helpful modules and frameworks. Newcomers sometimes wonder which code editor or IDE to use. Python programmers prefer pycharm vs vscode, which I had to use.

pycharm vs vscode are excellent Python development environments. VS Code is a code editor that can emulate an IDE using add-ons, whereas PyCharm is an IDE.

In this post, we'll compare pycharm vs vscode pricing, memory usage, setup time, code management, add-ons, and Git support. Then?


PyCharm cost

JetBrain offers three PyCharm versions. The professional edition for people reduces to $89, $71, and $53 after the first year. The business professional edition costs $199, $159, and $119 per year.

Open-source PyCharm community and Edu editions are free. All editions lack remote development, a Python profiler, duplicate code detection, database connectivity, and web development tools.

VS Code costs

VS Code is free for businesses and individuals. VS Code comes with version control, third-party integrations, and bug tracking for every project or language.

Visual Studio Code's Python plugins must be downloaded and installed separately. Installing plugins is free.


Choose a tool that won't slow down your computer and uses as little storage and RAM as feasible.

PyCharm RAM requirements?

PyChrm's community edition downloads at 372 MB. PyCharm needs 400MB of memory on my machine when active.

Visual Studio Code memory.

Visual Studio Code downloads in 76.2MB and uses 40MB of memory on my computer.

Due to its size, PyCharm took three to five minutes to load and open on my machine, but VS Code came up instantly. I see the difference. VS Code saves system resources.


Installing PyCharm

pycharm vs vscode has simple installation guides. Microsoft created VS Code for language polyglots, while PyCharm was designed for Python developers. Thus, after PyCharm is installed, you may start writing code.

Installing Visual Studio Code

To customize Visual Studio Code for Python development, examine and install many extensions including Python, Python Indent, Python Snippets, and others. This gives you more control over your office's layout, contents, and functionality.

VS Code's interface is friendlier, simpler, and easier to use after installation. Searching finds any feature or function.

Source Code Control

Code management systems include code completion, syntax highlighting, formatting, and linting. How much time you want to spend learning and creating Python code determines which one is better. Both programs manage code well, in my opinion.

Visual Studio Code development

Visual Studio Code highlights potential errors in red to help you find and fix them. VS Code's problems tab organizes possible errors for faster investigation. VS Code requires a Python formatter and linter.

PyCharm organizes code

Developers need PyCharm's Search Everywhere feature to search outside the current project. You may be able to find files, classes, symbols, and user interface elements from other projects.


VSC add-on

Both pycharm vs vscode offer many extensions and plugins to optimize the developer experience. A program extension or plugin is a great concept.

VS Code Add-Ons

Visual Studio Code was not designed for Python, despite popular misconception. The code editor may need some add-ons to resemble a Python IDE.

VS Code automatically detects your project type and recommends and enables the right extensions. VS Code will recommend cloud-based or other cloud-dependent plugins based on the project's scope and installed plugins.

The VS Code extension store can be browsed and installed in-app. VS Code had around sixteen thousand add-ons in 2020. Create extensions to enhance the developer experience.

PyCharm plugins

PyCharm was designed for Python, as shown by its extensions. All 3,000 JetBrains plugins work with PyCharm.


Your project may or may not require database connectivity.

PyCharm database integration

PyCharm uses Database Navigator to connect to MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and others. PyCharm Database Navigator lets you connect to a database, conduct SQL queries, retrieve things, and more. Only the professional edition has this functionality.

VSC database support

SQLTools lets VS Code connect to databases. VS Code's integration can be improved. It's buggy and frustrating for beginners. PyCharm has better database integration.

PyCharm or VSCode: Best Python IDE?

VSCode may be more user-friendly because it has less visual noise. Since VSCode hosts several languages, this is inevitable. PyCharm's Python compatibility eliminates the need for extra settings.

PyCharm may be the best place to start programming or expand your company's developers' skills. Allow employees to develop and improve in their roles to retain them in today's competitive workforce.

Developers and organizations may choose IDEs based on platform compatibility:

PyCharm's AMD architecture limits cross-platform compatibility. Tech-savvy users can install PyCharm on Jetson Nano or Raspberry Pi.

VSCode is portable. AMD, ARM, Ubuntu, Jetson Nano, and Raspberry Pi architectures are supported.

Others like the pycharm vs vscode user interface and programming environment. Its adaptability includes larger letter sizes, more contrast, and more highlighting possibilities. Serious programmers may fit in here.

No matter the Python IDE, learning and utilizing Python is helpful in numerous professions. What'll you cook?