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Why Is My Brother Printer Not Connecting to My Computer?

There are numerous potential causes for Why Is My Brother Printer Not Connecting To My Computer. it denotes improper connection establishment on your part. Reconnect the USB cords on both ends to resolve this. Then, unplug and re-plug your devices. Verify that the cables are securely fastened to the port. You can apply the proper solutions to the problem if you are aware of the problem's root cause.

Poor Connection

You might be having trouble with a bad connection if your printer won't connect to your computer. Brother printers can be connected to any computer, but you must make sure the connection is secure. The USB cable needs to be shielded, twisted pair, and no longer than 6 feet.

Wrong Printer Settings

Check the printer driver configurations. Connection problems may result from incorrect settings. Additionally, be sure to select the appropriate port for your printer. Your Brother Printer would not connect to your computer and print properly if the printer driver settings were not appropriately configured.

Obsolete Printer Driver

Make that the printer driver you installed is genuine and appropriate for your model of Brother printer. Search for the most recent update on the Brother website if the driver for your printer is out-of-date.

Double-click the P-touch Update Software icon to update. Click the Machine Update icon after that. Choose your printer, then click OK. Before clicking Transfer, choose the Language and verify the firmware.

Hardware Problem

If all of the hardware on your Brother Printer is up to date, configured, and connected, there may be a hardware issue preventing it from connecting to your computer. In this scenario, have your machine fixed. A bad connection is the most likely cause of your Brother Printer's inability to connect to your computer. This might occur as a result of improper configuration or printer settings.

This advice will be helpful if you lack technical knowledge to troubleshoot the problem with your printer not connecting to your computer. The problem is typically minimal. However, there may be significant causes in some circumstances. Here are a few potential reasons why a Brother Printer might not be able to connect to a computer.

How to Fix My Brother Printer Is Not Connecting

It's time to fix the problem now that you are aware of the reasons a Brother Printer won't connect to a computer. Here are a few straightforward fixes you may carry out on your own.

Solution 1: Make sure your printer is turned

Make sure your printer is switched ON as your first action. On the right side of the printer is the On/Off switch.

  • The Brother Printer may be off if the screen is blank.
  • To see if it is in Sleep Mode, simultaneously press Start and Options.
  • Make that the machine is plugged into a functional outlet.

Solution 2: Examine your printer's condition.

Once you are sure the printer is on, look for any error messages like "Paper Jam" or "Ink/Toner Empty" on the LCD. Investigate the issue to resolve it if the LCD displays a mistake.

Jammed paper

  • Remove the front cover and give the device 10 minutes to cool.
  • Remove the toner cartridge and drum unit.
  • Snap the front cover shut.
  • Remove the printer's paper tray.
  • Make a slow, two-handed pull on the stuck paper.

Solution 3: Reconnect the printer to the computer after disconnecting it

By re-connecting the USB cables on both ends, confirm that your Brother Printer is securely linked to your computer. After that, unplug them and reconnect them later.

  • Turn on your Brother printer and PC.
  • Connect the USB to the computer's and printer's jacks.
  • Go to Printer > Device Management on your PC.
  • To add a printer, click.
  • Observe the directions displayed on the screen.

Solution 4: Check your computer's printer settings

If your Brother printer won't connect to your computer and the connection isn't the problem, check the printer driver settings. Open the printer folder on your computer.

  • Access the Control Panel.
  • Select Sound and Hardware.
  • For devices and printers, click.
  • Locate your device in the printers list.
  • Right-clicking your device and choosing Print Properties will allow you to modify the printer driver settings.

Solution 5: Update the most recent drivers on your printer

Make sure the printer driver you loaded is the right one for your Brother machine model. Make sure it is real as well.

  • Ensure a connection exists between your Brother machine and computer.
  • Download the utility for firmware updates.
  • For additional details about the upgrade, visit Downloads.
  • To update, adhere to the on-screen directions.

Solution 6: Reset your printer to default settings

Reset your Brother printer to default settings if none of the simple fixes described above work. However, make a backup of your files, archives, passwords, and IP addresses first.

  • Press Menu on the Control Panel and disconnect the cords.
  • Choose Initial Setup, then click OK.
  • Pick Reset, then click OK.
  • Choose the Reset Function of your choice, then click OK.

Say you are prompted to reset all printer settings as well. Press 1. If you want to leave without making any changes to the printer's settings, press 2.

Make sure your Brother printer is turned on and that all of the wires are connected properly if it won't connect to your computer. In order to solve bugs and improve functionality, make sure you upgrade your device to the most recent version.

Final thoughts

You've come to the right place if you're wondering why your Brother printer won't connect to your computer. This article gives you explanations of the problem's causes as well as do-it-yourself fixes. Contact Brother's customer support if you have followed all of the instructions in this article and your machine is still giving you problems. If you find this post to be helpful but still encounter a problem with the way your Brother Printer is configured, you can search our blog for solutions. This place definitely has what you're looking for.

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