Because of our extensive fastener inventory, Caliber Enterprise, a reputable Fastener manufacturer in India, can satisfy your demands on a small- or large-scale basis. Our production facilities are equipped with the latest machinery and staff members are highly skilled. This helps us keep our fasteners' outstanding mechanical, surface finish, and quality. 


Fasteners in various sizes, specifications, and materials are readily available from our extensive inventory, including Inconel X750, Inconel 825, Hastelloy, Alloy A286, and stainless steel 422 fasteners. We rank among the leading manufacturers of fasteners as well.


Application & Uses of Bolt Fasteners

Caliber Enterprise, a top tier Fasteners Manufacturer, recognises the crucial importance of Nuts in various industries. It is devoted to manufacturing nuts that are high quality, reliable, and function well.


  • Fasteners Used in Oil & Gas
  • Fasteners Used in Power Plant
  • Fasteners Used in Machine
  • Fasteners Used in Petrochemical
  • Fasteners Used in Medical
  • Fasteners Used in Agricultural
  • Fasteners Used in Paper & Pulp
  • Fasteners Used in Ship Building


Countries Where We Supply Fasteners:

Fasteners Manufacturers in USA:

One of the leading producers of fasteners in the United States, offering an extensive assortment of high-quality bolts, nuts, washers, threaded rods, screws, and rings. Accessible in a range of grades and materials. We are the leading producers of washers, threaded rods, rings, bolts, nuts, screws, rivet guns, and rivets in the US.


Fasteners Manufacturers in UK:

As one of the leading fastener suppliers in the UK, we provide a variety of materials, including stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, duplex steel, and Incoloy. Many high-quality bolts, nuts, washers, screws, rings, and threaded rods are available from us. Accessible in a range of grades and materials.


Fasteners Manufacturers in Russia:

One of the leading Russian fastener producers. As a leading fastener supplier, we provide high-quality bolts, screws, nuts, washers, and rings that surpass International Quality Standards (IQS) and are suitable for usage anywhere in the world.


Fasteners Manufacturers in Germany:

A secured joint is built with bolts. Nuts secure bolts. Washers evenly disperse the pressure of bolts or screws to prevent dents and blemishes. German manufacturers of long-lasting, corrosion-resistant bolts, screws, nuts, washers, rings, threaded rods, and other fasteners.


Fasteners Manufacturers in Australia:

As a leading Fasteners Supplier in Australia, we offer stainless steel, alloy steel, Incoloy, carbon steel, duplex steel, and other materials. Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Threaded Rods, Screws, and Rings of excellent quality are available from us.


We have been offering a diverse selection of Bolt Fasteners to our clients. Fasteners are manufactured in various specifications, standards, widths, thicknesses, and custom lengths. Bolts Manufacturers has also implemented various procedures and initiatives to promote the growth of the manufacturing and services sectors.