Today, everyone has smartphones and the flexibility of smartphones help everyone to access and surf the internet easily. This is why recent stats reports that more than 50% of traffic is generated through smartphone users. 

Similarly, technology is boosting to deliver the best experience as we progress for the people. And nowadays, nobody spends much time waiting for one thing, so is the website and the experience it delivers. 

To deliver a seamless and hassle-free experience for your website visitors, having a responsive website design is absolutely necessary. Even Google doesn’t consider websites that are unresponsive for ranking. So, it’s kind of mandatory to have a responsive website in today’s time. 

What is a responsive website? 

A responsive website design can be easily viewed in different screen sizes. The design automatically fits different sizes and helps you have a good and hassle-free experience, where smartphone users can easily navigate the website with a single finger. 

As many website-building platforms help you develop websites with ease even if you don’t have any prior coding experience or knowledge. And if you are looking for choosing a perfectly responsive website, then we as a Website designing company in delhi are here to help you with what to look for while choosing a theme. 

  • Opting Mobile-First Design: 

A mobile-first design is developed for the mobile screens website first and later adapted to the desktop version. Earlier, web designers used to develop the design for the desktop version and later for the mobile version. This degrades the experience for mobile users and affects the website traffic, conversion rate, and leads. 

So, nowadays mobile-first design approach is widely followed, which helps you to offer the best possible experience for the audience. Through this approach, you use elements that are necessary and create a minimalistic website, which is a need of an hour. 

  • Test the theme on different screen sizes: 

Mostly the website theme is bought from WordPress, and if you are doing so or buying from different platforms, then you need to run a test on the theme. The test is to check the theme’s responsiveness and preview. But, for this, you don’t need to use any third-party website or software. You can do it just by using the Chrome browser. 

Here are the steps to follow for viewing a preview of themes in Google Chrome: 

Step 1: Open the preview in a new tab of Google Chrome.

Step 2: Press ctrl + shift + I to open the developer console.

Step 3: Press ctrl + shift + M to enable the responsive device toolbar. 

If you are using Firefox to test the theme, then all you need is to follow the above steps of Google Chrome. 

This tool will help you to test and preview the theme in different screen sizes of mobile devices and check the look and feel of the design on different smartphones and tablet screens. 

Here we recommend you the tool, Google Mobile-friendly test to understand whether the theme passes the Google responsive test or not.

  • Run test 2 for page loading speed: 

You need to run the next test which is the page loading speed. No visitors wait for more than 3 to 5 seconds to the website, that’s why many web pages have a high bounce rate (It is a rate where visitors leave the website due to multiple reasons and one of the main reasons is slow webpage loading). Slow-loading pages are annoying to visitors. 

That’s why before buying a responsive website design theme, you need to run the test to check whether the theme is lightweight and loads quickly. To run the test you can make use of tools that are available online, through them you can run the test easily. 

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