<p>invisible knots and pre-plucked hairlines imitate natural hairlines, providing a seamless &amp; natural look. The hd swiss lace is virtually invisible, making your wig look 100% natural. Perfectly match all skin tones, and you won’t have to take any extra steps to make the lace blend with your scalp. I’ve ordered a lot of hair from  every place imaginable, this wig is the best I’ve ever purchased. The lace was easy to apply, the hair is gorgeous, soft, and maintains well after washing, styling and a week of wear thus far.</p>
<p>hd lace is high quality swiss lace that is soft, thin and transparent so that your lace wig is virtually undetectable when you wear it. Because this, these are the most natural looking wigs on the market today. You can strut your stuff, and be confident that no one will know you're wearing a wig. The hd lace hermosa hair designed is the most transparent and undetectable lace on the market, melting well with all skin tones.</p>
<p>when you have a good sense of the look you want to achieve, your lifestyle and your budget, the rest will fall into place. Ask yourself the density, lace color, length of hair you want, and if you prefer virgin hair or colored hair. Plus all the latest product drops, limited offers, exclusive content-straight to your inbox.</p>
<p>if you wanna try hairvivi hd lace wigs, we have both 13x6 hd lace frontal wigs and&nbsp;13x4.5 RAW HAIR hd lace frontal&nbsp;wigs available on our website to cater to every our customer’s demand. All of our lace front wigs come ready to wear right out of the box. They include a preplucked hairline, bleached knots, and a removable/adjustable  band for glueless install.</p>
<p>hairvivi hd lace front wigs are made of the most undetectable and invisible lace that can fit different skin tones. You can’t even tell where the lace starts on your head since the hairvivi invisible hd lace wig will melt into your skin perfectly. Hairvivi hd lace wigs come with a clean bleached pre-plucked hairline, which is a big plus for a more natural and realistic look.</p>