There are many different types of sex dolls to meet the different needs of different people. There are heavy love dolls such as big breast Sexpuppen, pregnant love dolls, big butt love dolls, etc. A big problem for people who like this kind of real dolls is how to handle heavy sex dolls. This blog will give you some advice.

1. Make sure you have enough space
Before purchasing, please carefully check the height, weight and other data of the product, and whether you have enough space in your home or can find a suitable place to store and operate these bulky sex dolls. Please check.
2. Ask for help
If you find it difficult to move a heavy sex doll yourself, you may want to ask a trusted friend or partner for help. This will help you move and manipulate the Real Doll. But this doesn't seem to be a long term solution. It may be rude to ask your friends for help too often.
3. Use the right tools
When you need to lift the doll, it is better to use some lifting tools to avoid injuries such as strained hips. Bend your knees, stretch your chest, and lift the doll using not only your arms, but also your leg and arm muscles at the same time. We recommend using equipment such as hoists, harnesses, and ropes.
4. Use the stand
Some sex doll manufacturers sell sex doll stands to help the doll stand up better. This station can fix the sex doll very well, and at the same time it is easy to handle the sex doll. When swinging the doll, the stand will bear some of the weight, reducing the doll's weight and making it easier.
5. Professional mobile equipment
If you need to move a heavy sex doll frequently, why not consider a doll cart or dolly that is specifically designed for moving heavy items? These professional tools will help you operate your Anime Sex Doll better.
6.Lightweight material
To provide customers with a better user experience, many brands use lightweight materials to make their dolls lighter. However, the feel and softness of lightweight dolls will be reduced to some extent. Therefore, customers should consider carefully when making their selection.
7. Dismantle the doll
If the weight of the entire doll is too much to handle, you can try breaking it down into individual parts to make it easier to handle. Many Neue Sexpuppen have removable heads, torsos, and limbs that can be disassembled and reassembled. This allows you to manage the weight in smaller parts.
8. Train your body
If you expect to handle a heavy sex doll often, it may be helpful to do exercises that strengthen the muscles in your back, legs, and core. Strengthening these areas will reduce the stress on your body when handling the weight of your sex doll.
9. Ask the manufacturer or people on forums for help
Sex doll manufacturers often provide specific guidelines for handling and maintenance. You can contact the manufacturer or join online communities and forums dedicated to sex dolls to ask for advice and learn from others with experience with rugged dolls.

At the end
Remember that your safety and health should always come first. If handling a heavy Große Sexpuppen poses a health risk or causes discomfort, it may be worth considering other options or looking for a lighter alternative that is easier to handle.