Custom boxes help create an excellent customer experience. Not only can these boxes serve to deliver products directly, but they're also part of your brand identity and can create positive associations for both yourself and customers while helping reduce shipping costs overall.

Well-made boxes give customers an indication of your quality standards, values, and brand personality; effective custom packaging conveys this message that shows customers you value their experience from beginning to end - from placing their order all the way until they receive their shipment!

Custom boxes provide you with an opportunity to easily adjust the logos, colors, and size dimensions of your custom boxes. They give you the option to build and uphold a strong brand presence on your website by adding logos and visuals related to your products that remind customers about your brand. Every time the customers see your branding on boxes and products they will visit your website frequently.

Benefits of Using Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom boxes come with great benefits for all sizes of businesses out there whether it's a small or medium-sized business. There are some key benefits that after reviewing will make it easier for you to choose custom boxes as the best option for your business


      Provides a wonderful unboxing experience

      Improves brand exposure and loyalty

      Increase the durability of packages

      Clear communication with your customers

Provide a wonderful unboxing experience

E-commerce Businesses that want to make their products feel more appealing, exciting, and original can choose the option of custom boxes, which will surely provide their customers with a premium unboxing experience, making them feel special, which will in result push them to come back to the same brand repeatedly.

In this modern age of social media, unboxing videos, product reviews, and photos are a viral trend right now. Custom boxes with branding elements and unique designs can turn an ordinary unboxing into a shareable and memorable experience on social media platforms. When customers receive their package, they are likely to share their unboxing experience on digital media platforms.

Improve brand exposure and loyalty

Brand awareness and exposure do not only come from paid advertisements; you can inspire your customers to become advocates for your brand by delivering custom shipping boxes that surprise and delight.

Increase the durability of packages

Protecting packages with fillers is among the many strategies available for online sellers, but none will matter much if your boxes are poorly constructed. Each box passes through various hands during its journey to customers - from you and your teammates, through carrier employees, and then customers themselves.

When shipping internationally, durability should remain consistent for days or even weeks of shipment; so no need to worry when working with highly professional packaging and branding firms such as Packaging Mania.

Clear Communication

With custom packaging, you get the freedom and flexibility to communicate with your customers on a personal level. Handwritten notes, special messages, discount offers, or details about new product releases. There are many ways you can communicate your message to your customers.

Make you stand out in the crowd

It's important to find ways to make your goods stand out in today's competitive market. Visually pleasing packaging can help you do it, for sure. By using unique and creative designs, you can capture customers' attention and make your products more memorable.

Offer Sustainability

It is worth mentioning that there are many packaging companies that use 100% recyclable materials, which means their products don’t harm the environment.

As an e-commerce business owner, it is imperative that you do all you can to preserve the planet for future generations and your customers alike. Your efforts will certainly not go unappreciated!

Incorporating technology

There are three types of printing methods when it comes to custom-printed boxes:


      Screen printing

      Flexographic printing

      Digital printing

Screen printing

Screen printing is the process by which ink is forced through a mesh screen onto custom box surfaces. By making certain areas impervious to ink printing, stencils are used to prevent certain ink from passing through and then print images on these areas of the screen. The remaining ink then forms part of the printed image.

Flexographic Printing

In this method, an inked image will be transferred onto the cover of a custom box using a flexible printing press. Once printed, sheeting, embossing, or die cutting can be utilized to customize its appearance further - the production cost remains fairly affordable and allows you to experiment with different visuals, logos, and attractive designs for packaging production.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is an innovative direct printing technique similar to what our home computer printers can perform. In this method, no plates are being used - instead, the images will be directly printed onto the box, this method is the fastest method available.


When looking for custom shipping box options online, one key differentiator you may take into account when considering your options is how they add value to their community.

Packaging Mania strives not only to raise brand awareness while meeting other business-specific needs; they are also committed to the health of planet Earth; hence their eco-friendly boxes are made out of eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Visit us and maximize your business growth potential.